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HPE customers’ fearless innovation highlighted at spotlight Discover session



DiscoverLewis3customer.jpgRic Lewis, Senior Vice President and GM of the HPE Software-Defined and Cloud Group, walked on stage the first day of Discover London 2016 to deliver his spotlight session How to innovate fearlessly in an age of digital disruption. When he explained how digital disruption is rapidly transforming businesses all over the world, he knew his part of the presentation was just the opening act. The real stars – the people that Lewis wanted to highlight -- are HPE customers. These customers are the superheroes behind HPE’s celebration of fearless innovation, and he invited them to share their stories.

With HPE, HudsonAlpha can accelerate genomic research to combat rare diseases fearlessly

The first customer to speak was Peyton McNully, CIO of HudsonAlpha Institute for Bio Technology. HudsonAlpha is a nonprofit research institute that conducts genomic research to better understand rare diseases so physicians can provide innovative treatments. As a data-intensive organization that generates more than one petabyte of data a month, HudsonAlpha must ensure their data is available on-demand for multiple purposes.

HPE Synergy and HPE Hyper Converged 380 ensure that HudsonAlpha can meet the increasing demands of their data scientists in the most efficient way possible. According to McNully, HPE Synergy gives hundreds of scientists producing massive amounts of new data (to the tune of about ten terabytes a day) fast access to the compute, networking, and storage resources they need to accelerate their research. He explained that they have hundreds of scientists that all have their own software stack and their own approach to doing their research. The HPE Hyper Converged 380 quickly provides VM vending and the DevTest environment they require.

Another benefit is that HPE is making IT simple. Peyton went on to explain that now HudsonAlpha can use HPE OneView to provision public cloud, private cloud and bare metal. They are able to put the same set of tools into the hands of researchers to provision their own environments (within their code and Docker environments). 

With HPE, Boeing can compete more effectively and fearlessly with agile, rock-solid infrastructure

Next up was Mick Pegg, IT Infrastructure Chief Engineer at Boeing, the world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems. According to Pegg, HPE Synergy helps them solve specific business challenges. Boeing manufactures 52 aircraft per month, so they need rock-solid infrastructure.


Pegg explained that if they have some type of outage, it means a certain number of aircrafts won’t be delivered that month. Therefore, Boeing has a traditional IT environment that needs to be stable. Yet, they also need to be able to quickly innovate in order to keep up with their competition.

Per Pegg, one of the things that they really like about HPE Synergy is the way it is designed from the ground up to support both the stable, traditional IT and the more agile, DevOps model. Boeing is testing HPE Synergy right now in their data centers to be able to deliver the rock-solid service people have come to expect from Boeing, yet keep Boeing competitive by adding more agility.

Lewis asked Pegg how he thought HPE Synergy would help Boeing in the future. Pegg explained that Boeing wanted to keep control of their data – although they have some public cloud service, Boeing’s top priority is their private cloud. He went on to say that they are looking at HPE Synergy to be the basis of their private cloud environment – one that ensures stability, yet also provides consumer-like agility.

With HPE, ePlus Inc can help customers transform fearlessly in this time of digital disruption 

Scott D. Gilgallon Director, Cloud Solutions at ePlus Inc ended the customer presentation part of Lewis’ spotlight session. Gilgallon presented a unique viewpoint, as ePlus is an HPE channel partner as well as a customer.

According to Gilgallon, ePlus is constantly talking with customers that have already moved to the cloud but are now looking for cost savings, better management tools, and better ways to maintain compliance. He explained that it was critical to offer great service along with solutions that are easy to build and manage. Along with ease of use, customers also want to purchase with ease, for example, via a credit card.

Gilgallon emphasized that speed is critical, as businesses are demanding faster time-to-market. He said that customers want to be able to supply services with the ease of public cloud, but with the cost-savings and compliance one would find in their own data center. He concluded by saying that with HPE Synergy, they are able to achieve it all – a private cloud that can act faster and contain all of the needed components working together seamlessly. 

What can you do fearlessly with HPE?

HPE customers all over the world are relying on HPE systems and services to help them innovate fearlessly.  HPE is celebrating this innovation in their #HPEiCAN campaign. What can you do fearlessly with HPE? Let HPE know at #HPEiCAN. Let HPE know what you can do fearlessly with HPE so they can highlight your goals and achievements in upcoming stories.


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