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HPE delivers industry’s broadest high-performance flash storage portfolio to SMBs


As the role of IT shifts from backend support to a main stage that includes delivering business value and outcomes, companies of all sizes are demanding that IT find ways to become faster and more agile. This is especially challenging for small and midsized businesses (SMBs) that often lack the IT budget and manpower to be more efficient, handle change, and contribute to growing the business. To address this need, this week HPE unveiled the industry’s broadest collection of infrastructure offerings tailored to the needs of SMBs.

all-flash for the SMB.jpgHPE’s newest product portfolio includes the right mix of systems, networking solutions, storage, and financing programs for SMBs. The broad portfolio specifically offers these businesses access to the raw power and flexibility all-flash storage provides, including an HPE MSA hybrid storage array, HPE Nimble Storage flash arrays, and an even more affordable all-flash HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen 10 hyperconverged system. HPE has designed these three technologies with price and performance in mind, but each offers their own benefits to the customer.

HPE SimpliVity 380

SMBs can now access the HPE SimpliVity 380 powered by Intel® hyperconverged solution on an all-flash storage platform at a 20% lower entry-level cost than leading competitors. In addition, the solution offers double the performance and half the latency of hybrid solutions.  All-flash storage boosts efficiency without compromising performance, enhancing the unique built-in capabilities of the HPE SimpliVity 380 – including data protection, disaster recovery, deduplication, and compression. As a result, organizations of all sizes can deploy a complete, cost-effective IT infrastructure built with proven technology that delivers the simplicity and speed they demand.

HPE Nimble Storage Flash Arrays

For customers seeking a true next-generation, all-flash solution with enhanced scalability and advanced predictive analytics, HPE Nimble Storage Predictive Flash includes the most advanced predictive analytics engine in the industry. Capable of addressing more than 86% of storage issues before they occur, HPE Nimble Storage Predictive Flash offers both superior performance and the highest availability, with the ability to scale in petabyte increments as the business grows to meet new project demand.

MSA Storage Array

SMB customers no longer have to choose among price, performance, and business priorities now that they have enterprise-grade storage at an affordable cost. The new MSA1050 hybrid storage array has the lowest entry price point in the HPE shared storage portfolio. Additionally, enhancements to the MSA 2050/2052 models deliver two times more performance than its previous generation for the same price. HPE is also enabling these flash-powered MSA Storage Arrays with direct SAS connectivity, eliminating the need for any required network infrastructure.

Regardless of which flash platform solution customers choose, they can be confident they will have the maximum performance thanks to HPE’s StoreFabric M-series switches. The StoreFabricM-series simplifies how SMBs develop a dedicated fibre channel network for their flash system by providing an affordable, high-performance network infrastructure built for flash.

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For more information on how hyperconverged infrastructure can simplify your datacenter, down the free e-book: Hyperconverged for Dummies.

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