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HPE’s hyper-converged solution - a customer’s magic wand that saves $240K annually


As more and more businesses transition to a software-defined data center or the cloud, hyper-converged products are becoming essential. These solutions serve as self-contained, modular building blocks that can handle changing workloads and accommodate a growing new business. Hyper-converged solutions remove the complexity and time-consuming infrastructure deployment of traditional infrastructure and drive simplicity and efficiency.

One of HPE’s customers, the City of Los Angeles - Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) recently experienced huge time and cost savings after logo.jpgimplementing an HPE hyper converged solution.

As the City of Los Angeles approaches 4 million residents, an estimated $7 billion will be spent in 2016 on new development, remodels and room additions. LADBS’ role is to advise the building community and manage a digital engineering process with 300 engineers and 400 inspectors who oversee building activities, 140,000 permits and 500,000 inspections annually. 

To keep pace with growing demands, LADBS needed an infrastructure solution that ensured expedient and reliable services for its 11 area offices. The need for growth capacity and performance response was critical. Additionally, they needed to address significant overheating issues that resulted in downtime due to a lack of space and proper cooling in remote locations.

Once LADBS deployed the HPE hyper converged solution, they saw dramatic results. LADBS was able to simplify system management, allowing more time for infrastructure design/build.  Through HPE OneView for vCenter, they were able to reduce provisioning time from around 3 hours to just 2 minutes.

“It only takes a few simple-to-learn clicks to provision storage for a remote appliance, so we can get new customer services up and running as soon as they are ready,” explains Ian Applegate, Systems Programmer for LADBS. “With our prior storage platform, provisioning would take about three hours (plus travel time), whereas it’s just a minute or two with HPE OneView for vCenter. It’s like HPE gave us a magic wand.”

LADBS also saw a reduction in their overall footprint and heat output. The 2U footprint provides 4x the compute power with 95% less space. Energy efficiency solved overheating, saving an estimated $240K in previously lost revenue due to overheating outages.

Maintenance and travel time to remote sites was reduced by 50%, saving close to $2,200 monthly. And with multisite disaster recovery and replication functionality, business continuity now allows for increased system performance and reliability.

“Our business is dynamic and our industry is highly competitive,” says Giovani Dacumos, Department Superintendent, LADBS. “Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is helping us transform the Department with an innovative, converged hybrid infrastructure that maximizes our performance, cost and flexibility.”

Dacumos concludes, “We pride ourselves on utilizing cutting-edge HPE technology to drive and expand our economic development. HPE is our visionary counterpart in the technology world, and we continue to make a very productive and successful team.”

For more details on the HPE hyper converged solution deployed by LADBS, check out this customer video:

And for more information on all of our hyper-converged solutions, click here.

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