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HPE’s new hyper-converged system lets you simplify IT operations


By Diana Zavala

To stay ahead of the competition, businesses must move quickly. That means their IT infrastructure needs to move even faster. Traditional IT was not designed for agility much less for small to mid-sized businesses or enterprise remote offices. These environments often have minimal IT staff with limited resources and expertise, so they need IT solutions that are simple to deploy, manage and integrate within an existing infrastructure. Yet, today’s solutions use too many tools that are too complex and too hard to maintain, creating data and management silos that often lead to VM sprawl and islands of IT. Businesses are demanding more out of their IT investments.

bigstock-Banking-business-or-financial--83445578.jpgIDC agrees. In a recently released IDC Market Spotlight sponsored by HPE and Intel titled Hyperconverged Datacenter Infrastructure for the 3rd platform, they state, “…Downtime within a datacenter has crippling effects on an entire organization.” The article goes on to note that inefficiencies in IT can materially impact an organizations ability to effectively compete in today's fast-paced world. “Indeed, the degrees to which today's organizations can be competitive and ultimately profitable have become inextricably linked to decisions made within the datacenter,” the article continues.

This need for businesses to stay fast and efficient in their datacenters is driving more and more analysts to recognize the benefits of moving to a hyper-converged solution.

Per the IDC Market Spotlight, hyper-converged can be beneficial to customers that have:

  • previously held off deploying net-new workloads.
  • highly virtualized datacenters and employ IT administrators who are more comfortable using centralized hypervisor management suites.
  • an urgent need to reduce the time and resources spent on infrastructure maintenance tasks.

Hyper-converged systems from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) are fast and simple to deploy and manage. This speed and simplicity helps you get right to provisioning VMs in minutes instead of days, without virtualization specialists. Each system arrives pre-configured with scalable compute, storage, virtualization software and networking allowing you to deploy a complete virtualized environment faster.

To read the entire IDC Market Spotlight article, click here.

And next week, HPE will be announcing the newest addition to our hyper-converged solutions. With the new HPE hyper-converged system, you will be able to deploy at cloud speeds, simplify IT operations and reduce costs. Join us for a live webinar, Tuesday March 15, 2016 starting at 11:00 AM CT to get a first look at the innovative new solution – click here to register.

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