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#HPEDare2Compare with HPE SimpliVity's New Data Protection Stats



Over the past few weeks, I've shared the results of a recent TechValidate data protection survey. These results demonstrate HPE SimpliVity's dedication to data protection, disaster recovery, and peak and predictable performance for even the most mission-critical workloads. The key to HPE SimpliVity's success in these areas is its built-in data protection.

On a scale of one to five (one being least valuable, five being most valuable), 86 percent of HPE SimpliVity customers rate the value of its built-in data protection as a four or above. And 48 percent of those survey respondents rate the importance of the built-in data protection as a perfect five.

The data protection results from TechValidate's survey speak for themselves, but HPE SimpliVity takes it one step further by offering the industry's most complete guarantee. HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged solutions powered by Intel® offer five guarantees so customers know that data is efficient, simple, manageable, available, and protected. Customers can count on HPE SimpliVity's built-in data protection, and the guarantee reinforces this. When using HPE SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure and its built-in backup capability, it will take less than one minute, on average, to complete a local backup or local restore of a one terabyte VM—guaranteed. What other hyperconverged platform can claim that? (Spoiler alert: No one else can.)crazy fast.png

 HPE SimpliVity is the only hyperconverged platform that offers a full range of data services and enterprise-grade capabilities  ̶  such as resiliency, peak and predictable performance, and inline deduplication and compression  ̶  while offering cloud economics. And HPE SimpliVity's built-in data protection is yet another capability that sets its hyperconverged technology apart from competitors.

If you're ready to see all of the differentiated features HPE SimpliVity brings to the table, follow along or get involved in the conversation on Twitter by following the #HPEDare2Compare hashtag. Or, if you're still learning the basics of hyperconverged infrastructure, download this eBook explaining how hyperconvergence helps IT.


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