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Have you heard? Industry analysts and press react to HPE OneSphere announcement!


Capture.JPGThis week at HPE Discover in Madrid, Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced the industry’s first multi-cloud management solution, HPE OneSphere. Using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) portal, HPE OneSphere allows customers to access a pool of resources that span public cloud services and on-premises infrastructure. HPE OneSphere also allows organizations to seamlessly compose, operate, and optimize all workloads across on-premises, private, hosted, and public clouds.

After the news of HPE OneSphere broke, the press and industry analysts enthusiastically responded to the groundbreaking solution. Below is a snapshot of what several industry experts had to say about the announcement.

“HPE on Tuesday [introduced] a multi-cloud management service that aims to be truly comprehensive... This approach should help give businesses a more accurate assessment of their resource utilization. In addition to getting a single view of usage and aggregate costs, HPE OneSphere can break down costs by cloud, site, line of business, application or subscriber…It should also allow IT admins to build and deploy clouds of any flavor within minutes and help streamline DevOps.” -  Stephanie Condon, ZD Net

“HPE OneSphere was designed to make it easy to build private clouds and connect to public clouds, help developers get resources they need immediately, and give lines of business and executives insights to make operations more efficient…This is particularly important for developers…HPE OneSphere is designed to let them self-provision the resources they need with a few clicks in the portal, without waiting for their counterparts in IT operations to respond to request tickets.” - Marc Ferranti, Network World

“HPE OneSphere is positioned as a better alternative to traditional management products that focus on just one type of infrastructure. Since most companies use a mix of on- and off-premises resources, they’ve historically had to deploy several of these specialized tools, which complicates administrators’ work. Consolidating everything into a single service can potentially enable personnel to handle day-to-day operations in a much more consistent way.” - Maria Deutscher, SiliconAngle

“HPE OneSphere streamlines DevOps and provides deep insights across an enterprise’s public and on-premises to accelerate cycle times, improve productivity, and generate cost savings – increasing the speed of digital transformation.” –

To learn more about HPE OneSphere, watch the short introduction video below:

Or, join HPE experts on December 6th, 2017 at 11:00 AM EST for a live webinar to see HPE OneSphere in action. Register for the webinar, HPE OneSphere: Simplify multi-cloud management to build clouds, deploy apps, and gain insights faster, here.


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