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Hear it from our partners! Composable infrastructure drives never-before-seen flexibility


HPE Synergy was announced at HPE Discover London and is the industry’s first infrastructure built from the ground up for composability. Designed as a new category of Composable Infrastructure, HPE Synergy powered by Intel® helps accelerate application delivery in both traditional and new IT environments. By eliminating the high costs of overprovisioning and stranded resources with built-in infrastructure intelligence, Synergy can dramatically reduce operations costs and increase efficiency within the data center.

After the announcement, the industry’s reaction was overwhelming (just take a look at what some of the analysts had to say!) HPE Composable Infrastructure enables you to use flexible pools of compute, storage and fabric, and a template-based approach to abstract infrastructure elements and automate operational changes at scale, which allows you to better support your customer's ever changing infrastructure demands. And the HPE Composable Infrastructure Partner Ecosystem program enables partnerships around the world’s top management and DevOps tools.

We caught up with some of our partners, like Docker, Ansible and Arista after the announcement to get their reactions and find out what they thought the new HPE Synergy and Composable Infrastructure would do for customers.

“This collaboration with HPE is awesome, not only for Ansible and HPE, but for our customers more importantly,” says John Ryan, Head of Channels and Alliances for Ansible.

 “Moving to that next step of integration and automation is going to simplify facilities as well as IT operations,” explains Todd Truex, Alliance Manager, Data Center Software Solutions for Schneider Electric.

“Arista Networks is really pleased to be part of HPE Composable Infrastructure because it provides incredibly great scale and flexibility for end users, reducing OpEx and CapEx, and provides great flexibility in application deployment,” explains Carl Engineer, Manager, Business Development and Strategic Alliances for Arista Networks.

To hear from more of our partners on their reaction to HPE Composable Infrastructure, check out the entire video below:

And for more information on HPE Synergy, HPE Composable Infrastructure and the HPE Composable Infrastructure Partner Ecosystem program, check out these resources:

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