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How HPE Synergy stole the spotlight at Discover London


In an interview out of Discover London, Jake Ludington met with Composable Infrastructure business maven, Paul Durzan, to discuss the reaction he’s seen to HPE Synergy, the industry’s first infrastructure built from the ground up for composability. 

JL: HPE Synergy has been a big topic of discussion at the event. What is the customer, press and analyst pulse on the announcement and what have you been hearing around the news? 

PD: We have received great feedback so far, I think mainly because the industry has been waiting for something like this for a long time. Businesses have found themselves in a big dilemma. On one hand they have their traditional infrastructure and need to manage it and its processes. But on the other, they know they need to get into the new age or new world of the digital economy. They are really stuck between the two worlds – the traditional IT world and the new Idea Economy. 

HPE Synergy and Composable Infrastructure resonates because it helps with traditional applications today but also helps customers move forward with the idea of composability into the future. 

JL: And what kinds of things are customers saying? 

PD: When customers look at their infrastructure, they see that they are stuck. All of their budget is going to their infrastructure and it still moves too slow for their new needs. Customers are starting to ask, “How do I get my infrastructure to align to my development process so that I have matching workflows?” 

Customers are also excited about the single API of HPE Synergy. This single API has the ability to be able to reach down the program their infrastructure. In a time when everyone is trying to figure out how to automate their environments, whether traditional or new, the single API make it easier for customers to automate. 

JL:  I know this is a brand new announcement, but are there any reference customers that are currently using HPE Synergy and Composable now? 

PD: HP IT has been using HPE Synergy and has had some really great success with it. They are seeing the returns on the merging of the two worlds, traditional and new: the ease of managing physical and virtual as one, the ease of composing systems for both environments (and therefore having the ability to manage them together), and the ease of getting things up and running much faster. HP IT has significantly accelerated their ability to deliver an environment through Composable. 

JL: In addition to customers, you mentioned that the press and the analysts are excited about this announcement as well. And they tend to be pretty skeptical. How did you win them over? 

PD: It comes back to the fact that we have a story that is resonating right now. They have been waiting a long time for something like this. With HPE Synergy we are able to break the boundaries of servers, and start to bring resource pools outside of those boundaries so they can be shared. And using software defined intelligence to, in real-time, give applications the footprints they needs. 

Analysts understand that HPE Synergy will help automate the datacenter. And because we integrate with higher level tools like Docker, Puppet Labs and Chef, it makes it a lot easier to go in and essentially create a bare metal cloud and start to automate their environment. That is a story that most in the industry can understand and relate to. 

To watch the full interview, check out the video below:

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