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How to emulate the Cloud Giants


By Gary Thome, VP and Chief Engineer, HP Converged Datacenter Infrastructure

Gary Thome.jpgDo you sometimes wish that you could achieve the speed and agility of the largest service providers in the world – the hyperscale businesses or “Cloud Giants?” These providers have hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of servers, and they often gain operational efficiencies that are orders of magnitudes higher what a typical enterprise can achieve.

HPE sells to both types of organization, so we have a good understanding of how these efficiencies can be realized. We do know there are lessons that the typical enterprise can learn from the cloud giants. The giants are well known for purchasing equipment at very low prices. But this really doesn’t tell the most important part of their story.

What the giants do differently

Compared to typical enterprises, cloud giants take very different approaches to IT infrastructure in how they deploy, run their apps, and maintain their infrastructure. These different approaches help yield dramatically higher efficiencies. A typical enterprise annually spends approximately three times more on operating infrastructure than it does on purchasing new infrastructure, so to achieve cloud-giant-like efficiencies you really have to address the biggest costs in the enterprise – infrastructure operating costs.

Cloud Giant.small.jpg
It’s important to understand how cloud giants plan, procure and operate, rather than blindly copying their exact tactics. Here are two very important differences between cloud giants and a typical enterprise IT environment:


  • The scale of the largest service providers, from the hardware and software perspectives, is orders of magnitude larger than that of most enterprises. It’s not unusual for some of the larger cloud giants to place a single order of infrastructure that is as large as or larger than most enterprises’ total installations!
  • Unlike enterprises, the giants write virtually all their own software and can tightly control the behavior of their software and its interaction with the infrastructure.

You can’t copy them, but you can emulate them

These two major differences make it difficult for enterprises to simply copy the infrastructure habits of the cloud giants to gain speed and agility, and attempting to do so will likely meet with disappointing results. Instead, what enterprises need is an infrastructure that enables them to mimic the approaches that cloud giants take while at the same time running the applications they have, and at the scale they live.

This is why HP developed Composable Infrastructure. We recently released a short video, see below, and a white paper to explain in more detail how enterprises can gain the speed and efficiency of cloud giants by leveraging the composable approach. Watch the video to learn how Composable Infrastructure can help your enterprise achieve the kinds of efficiencies the cloud giants realize while doing so with your own real-world applications and scale.


Want to learn more about HP Composable Infrastructure? Check out these two short videos:

HP Composable Infrastructure: Programmable IT for the new breed of applications


Speed delivery of IT services with HP composable infrastructure

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