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How to power traditional enterprise apps with hybrid cloud services (video)


Enterprise applications are directly driving and influencing more of the opportunities and growth in organizations.  Organizations are actively looking to move more of those applications into hybrid cloud environments as a way to better fuel their needs. In fact research shows that organizations expect 56% of enterprise app workloads to be in private or hybrid cloud environments in the next two years. Enterprises are finding they can deliver more competitive customer experiences and update processes by harnessing cloud capabilities to power those enterprise applications at a lower TCO and with greater efficiency than on traditional dedicated servers or even virtualization alone. 


But to realize these benefits, you need the right solution and access to cloud experts to help plan and move traditional apps to a hybrid cloud environment that meets your needs. Watch this short video for a look at six cloud capabilities and how they work to ensure your hybrid cloud infrastructure will reduce both the time and risk to migrate, transform or cloud-optimize your Oracle, Microsoft, SAP or in-house developed apps.

Organizations that move applications to private cloud experience a host of benefits including 23% that saw improved service performance, 25% that indicated improved ability to scale, or 32% that cited a reduction in TCO for the apps1.  You can put these benefits of cloud to work for your business as you move your enterprise apps to the cloud like WIND Telecom did.  The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Technology Services team expertise and HPE Helion CloudSystem solution helped them migrate critical applications to a private cloud to enable major growth,  improve service delivery and spur creation of new innovative customer services while meeting business continuity mandates with five 9s availability.


The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Helion portfolio offers leadership in cloud computing and the unique ability to deliver the Right Mix of hybrid infrastructure you need to fit your application portfolio, overall strategy, and implement these best practice capabilities.   Solutions like HPE Helion CloudSystem 10  get you started with speed and less risk by integrating all these capabilities in an end-to-end hardware and software solution designed to support the most commonly used operating systems and multiple hypervisors your enterprise apps are tested and certified on.  It even supports containers and physical server provisioning that may be needed or preferred for some applications. Helion CloudSystem enables you to deliver advanced application services with support for Chef, Puppet, and Docker and supports the orchestration and management of application workloads across private, managed and public clouds such as Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services so you have the flexibility to land each application on the optimal cloud service zone. This ensures your hybrid cloud infrastructure will fit your apps, not the other way around.  


You can also leverage the new Helion Cloud Suite on your choice of infrastructure which goes beyond just hybrid cloud management. It provides you the freedom to provision and manage your application workloads wherever they fit best in any cloud or traditional environment utilizing the full spectrum of cloud technologies.  The unified toolset across multi-cloud environments enables you to automate and improve operations management for your enterprise applications in the cloud including streamlined and stronger compliance, dramatically faster issue resolution, and improved monitoring and reporting against key SLAs and KPIs.


Both Helion solutions have a robust foundation built on OpenStack® technology so you will have the flexibility you need to evolve your cloud infrastructure to fit an ever-changing application landscape.


Recommended Resources:

Read the latest report from Gartner for recommendations on establishing a decision-making framework for evaluating which of your applications are best suited for private or public cloud and the best way to migrate them.


For more information and resources on harnessing the cloud for your enterprise applications, explore the move traditional apps to cloud use case site.


1 Technology Business Research, Private Cloud Customer Research, 1H15

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Deborah Martin is a cloud enthusiast with over 7 years in creating cloud solutions for multiple industries and business needs. She is part of the HPE Helion team that works to promote and educate on solutions for key business use cases for cloud computing

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