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Hybrid IT Workload Placement Guide



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Earlier this year, I talked about the benefits of hybrid IT and service providers in this video and what organizations need to do to find the right mix of traditional IT, private, managed or public cloud to optimize their IT investment and deliver the services to meet the business demands. After I posted this video, I received many requests from business executives for a simple, easy-to-understand decision tree to help them understand which applications or workloads should go to the public cloud, private cloud or traditional IT, as well as what they should manage themselves or outsourced to third party partners.

A simple guide to decide what goes where in hybrid IT

To be clear, hybrid IT is not a thing. It's not something you can buy or copy from someone. Hybrid IT is an approach to enterprise computing and its implementation may differ from one organization to the next.

There is a lot of good content published about the best practices or key considerations of hybrid IT, including this excellent paper by 451 Research on Hybrid IT: Best practices for workload placement and this insightful interview with a principal Forrester analyst.

Let's make it very simple. Here is a one-page decision tree that gives you a high-level idea of the key decision criteria and the deployment model(s) that are likely the best candidates for the workload under consideration. Of course, this is a simplified view and does not include all considerations or nuance. This is a starting point. For business executives, before you spend thousands of dollars on in-depth assessment and consulting projects, get an idea of what should go where. Hope you find this helpful.

You can also download the simple guide at HPE Partner Portal.  For an in-depth look at the Foundations of Hybrid IT, download the report here.

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