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IT Insights first episode explains “What is hyperconverged?”


Recently, a new video series called IT Insights was introduced to help you maneuver all the IT news happening each day. IT Insights are 3 to 7 minute episodes that provide IT industry insights highlighting conversations Hewlett Packard Enterprise is having with their customers. In each episode, technology experts discuss how HPE technology helps solve common datacenter challenges. In Season 1, we focus on hyperconverged.

Hyperconverged has become a hot topic because it helps customers simplify operations and reduce cost. In a recent article from Gartner, “the market for hyperconverged integrated systems will grow…propelling it toward mainstream in the next five years.”

So what is hyperconverged? In the 1st episode of IT Insights: What is hyperconverged?, Bharath Vasudevan, Aaron Spurlock and John Carter, answer this question.

According to Spurlock, hyperconverged is “…optimized around ease of use, simplicity and rapid deployment” and although some speculate that hyperconverged may be just another storage box, Carter explains, “The value of hyperconverged is through the interface.”

Vasudevan then offers insights as to what kind of customer would benefit from a hyperconverged solution and how hyperconverged fits into a datacenter technology portfolio.

Watch the 1st episode of IT Insights: What is hyperconverged? to learn how you can simplify operations and reduce cost through hyperconvergence.

Then I encourage you to read the follow up article to Gartner’s article, Prepare for the next phase of hyperconverged, to learn where hyperconverged is headed or read the article, What does the future hold for hyperconverged, written by Bharath Vasudevan



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