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Imagine conducting your infrastructure like a symphony orchestra


By Gary Thome, VP & Chief Engineer, HPE Converged Datacenter Infrastructure

Gary Thome.jpgWhat do a symphony orchestra and your IT infrastructure have in common? More than you might think, it turns out, when it comes to coaxing a command performance out of each of them. A conductor’s job is to bring a musical score to life. With a variety of mysterious gestures, conductors “sculpt the musical line, tease out nuances, emphasize certain musical elements while controlling others, and essentially re-imagine an old piece anew1.” The best are able to create something far greater than the sum of its parts.

HPE Synergy is the world’s first Composable Infrastructure platform built from the ground up to empower IT to create and deliver new value instantly and continuously for a hybrid infrastructure. A Composable Infrastructure reimagines the infrastructure to enable you to shape its various components like a conductor leading a well-trained symphony orchestra, assembling the called-for configurations as required to power new creative business initiatives.

In the idea economy, successful businesses must foster innovation and act quickly to bring ideas to life. Until now, however, IT has struggled to meet these needs within the traditional infrastructure. Essentially, IT has been trying unsuccessfully to balance two distinct and conflicting worlds within the data center: the new breed of applications and services leveraging mobility, big data and cloud native technologies where things are constantly moving and changing; and the traditional application where change, when it does happen, is a laborious process filled with unexpected surprises.


HPE Synergy gives IT a single infrastructure that reduces operational complexity for traditional workloads and increases operational velocity for the new breed of applications and services, enabling the necessary flexibility and speed to deliver services like a cloud provider. In the idea economy, where services are increasingly application-centric, this is essential. HPE Synergy simultaneously increases the speed and ease of deploying cloud and mobile applications while reducing the cost and complexity of running traditional workloads.

Conduct your infrastructure.jpg

With HPE Synergy, fluid resource pools of compute, storage, and networking fabric can be composed in the HPE Synergy Composer, powered by HPE OneView. In this way, physical and virtual resources can be gathered into any configuration for any application. Software templates compose resources when needed, decompose them and return them to the pool when no longer needed, and re-compose them at will. As an extensible platform, the solution enables a broad range of applications and operational models such as virtualization, hybrid cloud, and DevOps. It’s also connected to a growing ecosystem, the HPE Composable Infrastructure Partner Program, and delivers true integration with tools like Ansible, Chef, Docker, Microsoft, OpenStack, Puppet, and VMware today, and others planned for the future.

Like a conductor skillfully drawing the best from the available orchestral forces, IT can now effortlessly assemble infrastructure building blocks at the size needed for the enterprise and flexibly adjust the composition of resources based on the demands of applications—which is music to my ears.

To accelerate your time to innovation, learn more about HPE Synergy

Important Update, 5.24.16: If you're looking for a quick overview of Composable Infrastructure and what it can do for your organization, check out this new white paper from analyst firm Moor Insights and Strategy: HPE Bridges Traditional and New IT with Composable Infrastructure (requires a quick, simple registration).

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1 “What Does a Conductor Actually Do?” By Clemency Burton-Hill, 31 October 2014, BBC Culture


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