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In the news! Composable additions in HPE CloudSystem and Hyper Converged



Amid all of the sessions and keynotes at HPE Discover London, HPE made a big announcement that garnered lots of news. HPE announced an expanded composable portfolio on the HPE Helion cloud platform and the HPE Hyper Converged 380--bigstock-Newspaper-Press-Run-End-81655877.jpgofferings that enable IT operators to deliver software-defined infrastructure faster and easier.

One of the most exciting things about delivering on the HPE vision of composable infrastructure is seeing the customers, analysts and the media really start to understand that composability is driving the data center of the future. After the announcements made at HPE Discover London, the press took to their outlets and covered the news, but most importantly, they covered what it means for the datacenter of the future.

Check out this snapshot of what the press wrote:

“The idea behind composable systems is that hardware components – compute, storage and networking – are managed entirely via software commands. Pools of resources are created and assigned automatically to meet the demands of individual applications in near real-time. It is early days, but HPE's Synergy platform has been well received both by analysts and its early customers.”

“HPE now has almost 50 partners in the composable structure ecosystem as a part of their partner program, including companies such as Chef, Docker, and Saltstack. This is impressive. They also have almost 100 customers now on Synergy systems.”

“Going forward, the data centers of tomorrow will soon be unrecognizable. Instead of massive numbers of servers and storage systems interconnected by miles of network cables, data center environments will be much denser. That means data centers will require much less physical space and energy while still being able to deliver several orders of magnitude in application performance improvements.”

“Today’s enterprise developers are increasingly building new, cloud native applications using more agile micro services and containers. At the same time they are transforming traditional applications to “as-a-service” models, requiring an infrastructure that can support both operating environments. HPE Synergy delivers the industry’s first composable infrastructure platform, treating infrastructure as code, enabling developers to accelerate application delivery.

The enhancements enable IT operators to become an internal service provider to their organization’s different lines of business, delivering virtualized applications with cloud efficiency…As an internal service provider, IT can now provide an intuitive self- service portal, making it easier for lines of business to access the resources they need to develop and deploy their applications in their own virtualized environment at cloud speed.”

“Cutting through the jargon, [the news] effectively means [HPE] has updated its services with tools that allow IT operators to better provision and manage a single pool of software-defined resources such as compute power, storage and network fabric to adjust hyper-converged and cloud services to suit specific workloads, such as the deployment of Docker containers. It will also make it easier to shift from traditional IT to hybrid infrastructure.”

“Hybrid clouds are the next logical step toward full utility-style computing in which resources are consumed, not provisioned and managed…The immediate goal is to lift applications and data off of legacy infrastructure onto hybrid solutions, but the real prize is to stop worrying about infrastructure altogether and focus almost exclusively on core business processes.”

“Will you, as a user, know whether your app is running on a more efficient composable infrastructure at the end of the day? No, probably not, but then you’ll only use the apps that work properly and they will have been optimally served at the backend… and that could be composable infrastructure working for you without you ever knowing… and that’s the whole point, right?”

If you missed the event, check out these replays of some of our key sessions and spotlights:

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