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In the spotlight! HPE Synergy 12000 Frame close-up


One of the key principles of Composable Infrastructure is having fluid resource pools. You may ask yourself what this means, how something like that works, or why it’s important. Having fluid resource pools means that storage, compute, and fabric across your infrastructure function together, instead of functioning in separate silos. This allows you to manage all of your resources from a single pane of glass, provisioning them for applications and de-provisioning them easier than ever before.

As the industry’s first fully composable infrastructure, HPE Synergy was designed from the ground up to meet this architectural principle. The HPE Synergy 12000 Frame enables composability with just a single cable between frames to bring all of the HPE Synergy resources together. By combining compute, storage and fabric in a singleintelligent infrastructure, the HPE Synergy 12000 Frame makes all resources instantly available for any application

Once connected, up to 21 frames can be managed together as a single, fluid resource pool, working together to support all of your applications and workloads.  

In the video below, HPE Synergy Product Manager Steve Gonzalez explains some of the benefits of the HPE Synergy 12000 Frame and how it can help simplify your data center.

If you want to take an even more in-depth look at HPE Synergy, download the HPE Synergy For Dummies Guide for free.

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