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In the spotlight! HPE Synergy Composer close-up


When HPE engineers set to work designing HPE Synergy, they looked at all of the elements of running a data center. This detailed investigation resulted in the many innovative components that now make up HPE Synergy, including the HPE Synergy Composer. The HPE Synergy Composer is a management appliance with HPE OneView embedded within, and is the brain behind the smooth and fast operation of HPE Synergy.

While the HPE Synergy Composer can do many things, like provision applications and provide a single-pane of glass view of all HPE OneView managed appliances, it can also help with tasks that are often overlooked, like setup. Setup is often a tedious and painful task, but because of the software-defined intelligent nature of HPE Synergy, it doesn’t have to be. With real-time communication between the hardware being installed and the HPE Synergy Composer, installation technicians can pinpoint exactly where any problems might be, and know exactly when installation is complete for any component.

In the video below, Product Manager John Gilmore details the HPE Synergy Composer features which enable the simplification of setup and installation.

If you want to learn about the HPE Synergy Composer and everything it can do to simplify your data center, check out the HPE Synergy homepage at or download your free copy of HPE Synergy For Dummies. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the In the spotlight! series, featuring storage, compute, and even the infrastructure itself. Stay tuned for more!


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