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Industry Interview Series: Jim Anthony, Sr Director at Cryptzone


This is the seventh in a series of videos and blogs speaking with both HPE and external subject matter experts on various aspects of hybrid cloud security. Today we speak with Jim Anthony, Senior Director with Cryptzone, around the changing approaches to network security that are enabled by cloud transformation. Other videos in the series can be found by searching for the tag cloudsecinterviews.

According to a recent study by 451 Research, 49% of customers are concerned about being able to apply consistent security policies to network traffic once they move into a hybrid cloud. Recently I was able to spend some time with Jim Anthony, Senior Director with Cryptzone, to find out more around the challenges of applying traditional network security controls in the cloud, and how migrating to the cloud can actually be a positive move for an organization’s security posture.

Jim agreed that the customers he speaks with have questions around how they can maintain their network security policies in the cloud, but suggests that these concerns are, for the most part, unfounded, and he spends a lot of his time educating customers on cyber security frameworks that can be used in a cloud environment. He suggested that many of the cloud service providers are actually able to offer network security capabilities that often exceed those controls that customers use in their own on premise data centers.

Most customers that he speaks with are concerned about access control in an environment where the users can be as transient as the applications - it’s important to be able to understand, and have visibility into, who users are, what their needs are, what their security posture is as they access the cloud, and what access they have. The visibility aspect is particularly important for compliancy and audit requirements.

We discussed the importance of micro segmentation, and Jim introduced the Cryptzone approach of ‘segment of one’ – effectively the creation of extreme micro segmentation policies at the user level, allowing network security controls to check the posture of users before they enter the cloud environment. We then ended the discussion by looking at the partnership that Cryptzone has with HPE Helion to offer an alternative to traditional IP-based security tools. To watch the discussion in full, please click the video below.



To learn more about hybrid cloud security, download the whitepaper from 451 Research Group. You can also learn more about the HPE approach to Hybrid Cloud Security. For more information about the integration of Cryptzone with HPE Helion, please consult the press release or visit the Cryptzone website. Other videos in the series can be found by searching for the tag cloudsecinterviews.

About the Author


Simon Leech is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional with a specialisation in Security Architecture (CISSP-ISSAP), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC), Certified in Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) and working in the Worldwide Security Center of Excellence within HPE Pointnext Advisory and Professional Services. Simon is active on Twitter as @DigitalHeMan

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