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Industry analysts weigh in on the newly announced HPE Synergy


by blogger, Alison Golan

Announced at Discover London yesterday, HPE Synergy is the world’s first platform architected for Composable Infrastructure.  HPE Synergy was built from the ground up to bridge traditional and new IT environments with the agility, speed and continuous delivery needed for today’s applications.

academic-business-writing.jpgAfter the announcement was made, numerous industry analysts briefed on the product began weighing in on the impact this innovative new technology will provide for businesses.

Steve Hendrick, principal analyst with ESG covering application development, detailed some of the technology behind HPE Synergy and HPE Composable Infrastructure in his article, What HPE Synergy’s Composable Infrastructure Means to Application Development and Deployment.

As Hendrick notes, HPE Synergy and HPE Composable Infrastructure provide a fluid resource pool of compute, storage and networking that can be easily scaled, virtualized and containerized based on workload needs. An intelligent, software-driven interface built on templates easily allocates and controls resources, allowing developers and operation managers to focus on the most efficient way to deploy and manage applications. Additionally, a unified API provides access for full infrastructure programmability through a single interface.

“HPE Synergy composable infrastructure is right on target and has the potential to provide enterprises with compelling CapEx and OpEx economics due to its flexibility and aggressive pricing,” Hendrick explains.

Colm Keegan, senior analyst at ESG covering cloud computing, converged and hyper-converged infrastructure market space, also wrote about the news in his article, HPE’s Composable Infrastructure: IaaS for the hybrid cloud masses.

Keegan writes, “As the name implies, HPE’s composable infrastructure solution is designed to enable application developers, line-of-business owners and IT administrators, to deftly compose and provision private cloud resources in much the same way that IaaS resources are dynamically allocated in public cloud environments like AWS. The secret sauce? The ability to treat IT infrastructure as code.”

Keegan describes how many IT decision makers find themselves at a crossroads trying to decide how to maintain “two distinct sets of IT environments.” The first of these IT environments is legacy applications needed to run their business today. The second is the next-gen, cloud-native apps needed for future business growth. As Keegan explains, with the HPE Synergy Composable Infrastructure solution, the two environments can be brought together.

“The net result is that businesses can, in effect, build out a private cloud IaaS solution that can be leveraged across 100% of all the workloads in the environment - regardless of which application camp they fall in - legacy or cloud native apps,” says Keegan.

Richard Fichera, infrastructure and operations blogger at Forrester Research, discussed how HPE is transforming infrastructure management through Composable Infrastructure in his article, HPE Transforms Infrastructure Management with Synergy Composable Infrastructure Announcement.

Fichera writes, “HPE put a major marker down in the realm of composable infrastructure with the announcement of Synergy, its new composable infrastructure system. HPE Synergy represents a major step-function in capabilities for core enterprise infrastructure as it delivers cloud-like semantics to core physical infrastructure.”

He goes on to explain how HPE Synergy addresses the biggest issues that businesses cite as challenges they will face in the future. “Agility, responsiveness, operational efficiency – these demands on core infrastructure groups show up constantly in any survey of challenges and future requirements… and Synergy finally delivers the required cover set of capabilities to truly be classed as an enterprise-grade software-defined physical infrastructure capability.”

Fichera even makes a prediction: “Synergy will be an extremely successful product, a strong defender of HPE’s installed enterprise base…Composable infrastructure will be both a hot topic… in 2016 as well as a center of major technology investment across the industry.”

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And if you are at Discover this week, come by any of our Live Composable Infrastructure Theatre sessions to get a first-hand look at HPE Synergy:
Introducing new Composable Infrastructure live theater sessions at HP Discover London



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