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Innovating at warp speed

WhitneyGarcia published an article recently that highlights the value of the new HPE Synergy and the infrastructure as code concept.

The article begins by quoting Meg Whitman, HPE CEO, who describes how businesses need agility and adaptability in order to stay competitive. “Business and IT are moving faster than ever,” she explains. “What we thought was fast a year or two ago doesn’t even qualify for the race today. Success in the world favors companies that can invent and reinvent at warp speed.”  

And as the article states, “HPE Synergy is designed to do exactly that.”

HPE Synergy powered by Intel® is the industry’s first infrastructure built from the ground up for composability, consisting of fluid pools of resources made up of compute, storage and flexible fabric—all defined by intelligent software and controlled by a single, unified API.

“The solution, more than three years in the making, bridges the gap between on premise and cloud-based resources by allowing IT engineers to assemble and stand up infrastructure at cloud speed,” the article explains. “This is a new architecture called Composable Infrastructure—complete IT environments that are dynamically built from available pools of resources on demand.” 

HPE Synergy allows infrastructure to be “composed” from the components required for any application, all through a single interface that addresses the available resources automatically. The resulting composable infrastructure helps reduce the costs and complexity associated with traditional applications, as well as allows IT operations to enable cloud-native apps. And by driving agility and efficiency, IT teams are able to move quickly and frequently from development to operations while maximizing their resources.

Paul Miller, Vice President of Marketing for the HPE Converged Datacenter Infrastructure group, explains in the article, “What we’re doing with Synergy is making your infrastructure programmable,” says Miller. “We call it ‘infrastructure as code.’”  

In the article, Miller explains how HPE Synergy makes standing up or reallocating resources within a data center as convenient and scalable as the cloud. “In a typical development environment, developers often overprovision up to twice as many resources as they ultimately need,” he explains. “That’s because conventional deployment methods may require weeks to or even months to deliver new infrastructure to support a given development effort. Synergy can shorten the process to mere minutes.”

The result is a whole new breed of infrastructure and level of flexibility that greatly accelerates efficiency, while at the same time reduces operating costs and unused resources.

To read the entire article, Innovating at Warp Speed with Infrastructure as Code, click here. And for more on HPE Synergy and composable infrastructure, check out these resources:
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