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Insights from Discover 2016 London – Two Analysts Weigh In



bigstock--158347166.jpgTwice a year, HPE holds the ultimate technology event -- where thousands of IT professionals gather to learn, connect and grow. Geared mostly toward customers, the HPE Discover events also catch the attention of the technology press and analysts, resulting in a slew of coverage. This year’s Discover 2016 London was no different; as a matter of fact, it garnered even more press than previous years.

To give you a taste of what was reported, I’ve shared some insights below from two well-known industry analysts: Mark Peters from ESG and Patrick Moorhead from Moor Insights & Strategy and a Forbes contributor.

A Slimmer HPE Means There’s More to “Discover?”, a blog from Mark Peters at ESG

Peters’ blog also includes a video – a must watch if just to see the amazing sights of London he highlights at the beginning. According to Peters, “HPE sported a decidedly sunny disposition all week.” He also wonders how the recent and ongoing spin-merge will affect the company. “This is clearly a middle-aged company that has shed weight...the question now is how nimble and nifty it can be while remaining both valuable and invaluable to its customers.” 

Peters seemed to answer his own question. “I was involved directly with numerous customers (both privately and on panels) who were reporting – and expecting – great results for their organizations from deploying and working with HPE. The message that ‘Everything Computes’ but ‘we don’t do it all’ seemed to resonate pretty well.”

He also had some positive things to say about HPE’s decision to focus on less, thereby providing more. He specifically highlighted HPE’s emphasis on hybrid IT. “…our increasingly hybrid IT world makes the HPE claim simultaneously potentially more applicable (users want flexibility and choice) and also more credible (many existing and potential partners obviously want to work with HPE) than it might have been a few years back.”

Peters noted that change is a constant to be able to succeed as IT continues to mature. He explained that companies can push trendy technology phrases yet “pragmatic product and business innovations … are really where the game is still played.” He concluded that, “Those things were front and center at this Discover and show that, whatever else is going on in and around the company, HPE still ‘gets it.’” 

HPE Discover London 2016: Company Did What They Needed To Do, an article in Forbes by Patrick Moorhead

Patrick Moorhead starts his 6-page Forbes article highlighting the key points from Day 1 and 2 of the event, emphasizing the themes of digital disruption and transformation. He then stated his main takeaway from the event, “Overall, HPE did what it needed to do at Discover London.” Moorhead backed up his conclusion by highlighting all of HPE’s progress since the last Discover in June 2016.

Since I write for a product division within HPE (Software-Defined & Cloud Group), I was particularly interested in what Moorhead had to say in the middle of the article – his take on HPE Synergy, HPE Hyper Converged platforms and HPE CloudSystem.

According to Moorhead, “Composable infrastructure is a big deal because it gives enterprises the same low resource, high utilization infrastructure that the web giants enjoy.” He went on to explain that Ric Lewis, Senior VP and GM of HPE’s Software-Defined & Cloud Group needed to show progress in regards to HPE Synergy, the first world’s first platform built from the ground up for composable infrastructure.

During Lewis’ presentation, he praised HPE Synergy’s unified API and identified almost 50 partners in the HPE Composable Infrastructure Partner Program. Lewis also announced that almost 100 customers are currently using HPE Synergy. According to Moorhead, “This is impressive.”

Moorhead highlighted the HPE announcement of bringing HPE Helion CloudSystem 10 on top of Synergy, which gives the industry the first private cloud solution built on top of composable infrastructure. This solution means that customers can combine private cloud services and traditional applications on a single infrastructure—all while letting IT admins easily compose the needed resources within a private cloud.

Moorhead offered his opinion on this announcement. “Helion has had its challenges and many twists and turns along the way, but I actually like this move.”

The article concludes with Moorhead stating, “I’m encouraged by the focus and innovation I’ve seen demonstrated at the past several Discover events—I’ll continue to follow with interest.”

To read the full blog from Mark Peters at ESG, click here.

To read the full article from Patrick Moorhead in Forbes, click here.


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