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Introducing IT Insights: Real conversations about IT trends and topics


Every day, you are exposed to information from different sources. With all of the noise surrounding the latest IT solutions, it becomes difficult to understand what’s available and how it will help solve your specific IT datacenter challenges. And if you don’t understand the big picture, it becomes impossible to determine a solution, much less justify an IT investment to upper management —which is a requirement, if you are in a management role.

What if you had a one-stop resource that provided you with concise and easy to consume industry insights? Well, you now do. IT Insights is a 3 - 7 minute show that provides IT industry insights highlighting conversations Hewlett Packard Enterprise is having with their customers. In each episode, technology experts discuss HPE technology and how it helps solve common datacenter challenges. These experts also explain how these solutions can help you grow your business and stay competitive with your competition.

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The first series of IT Insights features Bharath Vasudevan, Director of Product Management, speaks to several subject matter experts about the HPE Hyper Converged portfolio. Episodes in this season include:

  • What is hyperconverged? During this episode, subject matter experts explain what is hyperconverged, how it has emerged and the difference between a converged system and hyperconverged solutions.
  • What makes a hyperconverged platform enterprise grade? In this episode, our guest explains what three components make a hyperconverged platform enterprise grade.
  • What is HPE’s Hyper Converged Strategy? In recent announcements, HPE has introduced a new hyperconverged experience. In this episode, we whiteboard the different layers within new Hyper Converged software.
  • What are the different hyperconverged roles? For this episode, IT Insights identifies the three different personas that are engaged when using a hyperconverged product.

The first series of videos are now available, and each week a new episode will premiere.

Click here to watch IT Insights: Season 1 focused on HPE Hyper Converged. And stay tuned for more episodes!



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