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Introducing Managed Eucalyptus Private Cloud


My last post described the three ways you could run your own AWS-compatible private cloud. In this post we’ll dig into the Managed Eucalyptus Private Cloud option and how it recently helped a major customer.


If you’re unfamiliar with Eucalyptus, it is an open source solution for building private clouds that are compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Eucalyptus enables users to build cloud-native applications in a private cloud, then deploy them to AWS unchanged. Eucalyptus is also used for hosting applications originally built in AWS. Read more online.

I speak with many customers who need a private cloud. The business drivers aren’t always the same, but one thing is common: they want to avoid managing hardware and large capital expenditures. For AWS users, HPE offers a Managed Eucalyptus Private Cloud service that gives them the best of both worlds. 00-41-37.jpg

Let’s look at a real example. One of our customers (call them SmartCo) provides a loyalty rewards and customer analytics platform used by leading retail, finance, automotive and aerospace brands. SmartCo built their platform entirely on AWS. Some of SmartCo’s customers are constrained by government regulation or business policy and cannot allow client data to be hosted in the public cloud. SmartCo had a choice; re-architect the app to run in private data centers or lose the business.

Fortunately for SmartCo, a third option existed. Using Eucalyptus, they could easily deploy an instance of their application into a private datacenter. With that shiny new cloud, they’d avoid re-writing the application and keep the business. On the other hand, SmartCo wanted to avoid managing hardware and underlying cloud environment. What they needed was a private cloud that had a public cloud experience beyond just the API.

The answer to all these business challenges was Managed Eucalyptus Private Cloud. This unique solution is a single tenant, private cloud environment running on dedicated hardware inside an HPE datacenter and fully managed by HPE. It is powered by Eucalyptus 4.3 and available with consumption-based pricing. This is the most AWS-like experience you can get from any private cloud solution.

Adding Managed Eucalyptus Private Cloud to their overall AWS strategy means SmartCo’s current and future offerings can be available globally in public and private locations. Importantly, they’ve gained the flexibility to meet market demand while avoiding a large capex and IT admin overhead.

If you’d like to know more, shoot me a note:

Find me on Twitter: @colbydyess

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Does Eucalyptus support AWS Lambda serverless computing? Thank you. 

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