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Is Innovation alive and well at Hewlett Packard Enterprise?


by Chris Purcell

I am a little remiss in providing a summary of March activities…this includes my recent visit to the CeBIT Technology event in Hanover, Germany and the Innovation Day HPE hosted in Palo Alto on March 29th. Both were interesting because they provided different angles on the technology and innovation news at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

CeBit in Hanover, Germany on March 14 – 18th

For anybody that hasn’t attended this event before, all I can say is that it’s huge -- both attendance and exhibitors’ square footage. It is by far the largest tech event I have ever had the opportunity to attend. I am not sure how many acres the exhibition site at Hanover consumes, but it must be close to 50 acres. You would be hard-pressed to be able walk through the entire event and see all the exhibits in a day.

The HPE news at the event was centered on HPE Hyper Converged 380 powered by Intel®, which we announced to the press and attending customers on March 15th. This new hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) appliance is built on the DL380 (the world’s number one virtualization server) and was designed around four architectural design principles:


So far, we’ve seen 43 articles about the HPE Hyper Converged 380. (A snapshot is listed below.) The coverage was pretty inclusive and includes a great story from Barron’s that highlights HPE’s hyperconverged products and how this innovation led one investment analyst to raise HPE’s ratings from “neutral” to “outperform.” That was very exciting to see!

Lastly, let me leave you with this URL to the HPE Hyper Converged 380 GUI, which you may enjoy exploring on your own. We fondly call the HC 380 -- your VM vending machine. This is because once you have set up this appliance, you can essentially create a VM in 5 easy clicks through a very intuitive user experience. If you want to see a working demo, check out this HPE Hyper Converged 380 GUI desktop and mobile demo. I think you will be impressed.

HPE Innovation Day in Palo Alto on March 29th

One of the many questions I get from customers since HP was split in two is around innovation -- “Is R&D investment and innovation alive and well within HPE?” I understand the interest, as many of our customers have invested in HPE and want to ensure their investment is safe. Coming out of the last Discover event in London, although totally exhausted, I was feeling really good about the health of the new company. From the main stage plenary with Meg Whitman to the different business unit keynotes, there was nothing but new and cutting edge innovation coming out of the business groups. A great example of this was the announcement of a new class of infrastructure called Composable Infrastructure, presented by Ric Lewis, GM of the Converged Data Center Infrastructure group.

I know not everybody got a chance to travel to London and see this announcement first-hand, so to keep this news top-of-mind, HPE hosted an Innovation Day in Palo Alto. This event was focused on a smaller group of press and analysts, where different product group leaders could come in and show how HPE continues to innovate around four key customer transformation areas:


It was great to see that the attendees had a very positive reaction and left saying how much they appreciated the opportunity to attend an onsite HPE activity. They all had an opportunity to receive face-to-face executive interaction, along with track presentation sessions that provided them with a solid perspective on innovation that continues to come out of HPE.    

As a result of the Innovation Day, coverage of HPE’s newest innovations has appeared in leading business and trade publications including The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)1, CRN2, Daily Cloud5, InformationWeek3, SDxCentral4 and ITProPortal. HPE’s Persistent Memory offering took center stage in most of the coverage, with the common theme throughout being that HPE is bringing a new approach to memory that combines features of a standard DRAM with SSDs. Additionally, Jessica Davis of InformationWeek spotlighted HPE Synergy powered by Intel® and the company’s perspective on composable infrastructure, quoting Antonio Neri and Ric Lewis throughout the article and referencing Bryan Jacquot’s demo of the Grommet open source platform. Daily Cloud’s Jeff Ferry wrote about Converged Consumption, and SDxCentral’s Craig Matsumoto focused on Composable Infrastructure and HPE Synergy, along with Persistent Memory.

March proved to be a very interesting (and busy) month. Getting an opportunity to stand back and see what we have accomplished leaves me with little doubt that yes, innovation is alive and well at HPE! That means that our customers’ investments are in safe hands. I am particularly excited about the HC 380 introduction and will be very interested to see how our customers start to recognize the value it provides.


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