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Is business disruption spinning IT’s head?


by Chris Purcell

Disruptions around new technologies – big data and analytics, cloud, mobility – are coming fast and furious these days, and they’re keeping IT in a constant state of upheaval as the data center strains to keep up. The latest disruptor is the explosion of app development. In some ways it’s the most pressing, because it combines technology changes with a paradigm shift, as IT moves from being an enabler of the enterprise to being a core driver of business success. IT leaders are under pressure to produce the kind of apps that differentiate their business in the market and drive new sources of spinning.jpgrevenue. The question is – how to assemble the resources needed to support app development without carving them out of the current infrastructure?

Until now, the usual answer has been to build two very different environments—one that supports the traditional business applications like enterprise resource planning, communications, and databases; and another, much more flexible environment that enables effective app development. But this kind of bi-modal approach quickly becomes cumbersome and expensive to manage. It’s enough to make the IT department’s collective head spin.

Clearly what’s needed is a new approach: an infrastructure that’s flexible enough to support both types of environment. Imagine a data center in which compute, storage, and networking resources are fluid pools or resources under the command of a comprehensive software intelligence and a single API. An infrastructure that can assemble resources on the fly as an application needs them – and it wouldn’t matter whether it was a traditional service like email or a new-IT, cloud-native app. One exists—it’s called composable infrastructure. (Watch a video that gives a quick overview of composable infrastructure here.)

Composable infrastructure is all about flexibility and resilience, the ability to ride out disruptive shocks. It’s about speed to market and making IT a true partner to the business. The idea is to create a resilient organization that can bend and sway with the coming changes, because one thing’s sure: business disruption will continue. To learn how to make the head-spinning stop, read How the Right Infrastructure Can Prepare Your Data Center for Business Disruptors.



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