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It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s IT moving at the speed of innovation


I was a kid when I saw the 1978 film Superman, with Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder. Of course, Superman had a heart of gold and the good looks to match. But what really made him powerful was his strength and speed. He was simply of another caliber entirely. Born on the fictional planet of Krypton, he had a denser molecular structure than earthlings, which gave him superhuman speed and strength.

The story of Superman reminds me a bit of the incredible changes and opportunities opening up in IT these days. With the digital economy burgeoning, businesses are being bigstock-Businessman-flying-super-fast--85436978.jpgsorted wheat from chaff swiftly and dramatically. In fact, most have only a brief opportunity to move ahead of the competition when a new idea presents itself. An entirely new way of conducting business is emerging, one characterized by innovative new apps and lightning-fast updates to customer-facing services.

In today’s business climate, IT teams must be “faster than a speeding bullet” to capitalize on new opportunities. If you can’t harness considerable power and act without hesitation, your competition will pass you by. If you’re challenged by a lack of resources and a rigid infrastructure, you’ll simply be unable to respond when a new opportunity comes knocking, or an IT issue needs resolution. If you’re like many companies playing catch-up, you’re spending far too much time managing and maintaining existing infrastructure. And make no mistake: that’s time that could be spent focusing on innovation.

While an IT infrastructure may not yet be able to keep up with Superman’s supersonic speed, it can at least move at the speed of innovation—and it must. To innovate and take control of your infrastructure, you must accelerate time to value and do all you can to simplify operations. HPE OneView gives you the freedom to control the infrastructure instead of allowing it to control you. Developed as an infrastructure automation engine built with software-defined intelligence, HPE OneView enables you to deploy infrastructure faster and simplify lifecycle operations across compute, storage, and fabric resources. By connecting infrastructure with applications, a unified API further increases productivity and places IT firmly on the path toward composable infrastructure.

For example, HPE OneView connects HPE BladeSystem infrastructure to the network significantly faster than it would take to perform the same task manually, reducing the average time to deploy a BladeSystem enclosure of servers from 20 hours to less than 1.1 Through templates and software-driven processes, HPE BladeSystem and HPE OneView users deploy new services in 64% less time on average. Consequently, they spend roughly 40% less time just keeping the lights on in their datacenters.1

Software-defined intelligence is like a superpower. It greatly differentiates the modern organization from those struggling to keep up. HPE OneView’s software-defined intelligence automates your infrastructure, freeing staff from maintaining infrastructure so they can develop new applications and services—which is exactly the power boost you need when opportunities present themselves in the future. 

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1Top 5 Reasons to Move to HPE BladeSystem, Slide 7, November 2015

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