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It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day. Make sure you write your own ending




It’s been a polarizing 18 months in the IT infrastructure market. Major IT vendors have gone in different directions, leaving “IT leaders feeling vulnerable as they attempt to simultaneously leverage their c

In mid-2014, IBM exited the x86 server business. At the end of 2015, Hewlett-Packard separated into two industry leading public companies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and HP Inc. HPE focused on delivering hybrid IT platforms to enable the digital enterprise with speed, flexibility, and agility. In September 2016, Dell took on a lot of debt to acquire EMC and create Dell Technologies, the new “big kid” on the block.

According to Frost & Sullivan,1 “While Wall Street continues to assess the impact of the changes, many IT leaders are facing a more pressing decision: how to protect their current infrastructure investment while preparing their data centers for the future.”

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As the Dell/EMC dust begins to settle, now comes the hard part. Going forward, they will have significant debt to service while they try to figure out roles and responsibilities, rationalize product lines, and integrate disparate channel programs. During this internal transformation process, the message on the new Dell Technologies website is “Let the transformation begin.” While Dell’s transformation may be just beginning, HPE is ready to help its customers on their journey toward digital transformation right now.

According to The Register, HPE is the “only major vendor…that actually seems to know what it is doing.”

Helping you accelerate your transformation to a digital enterprise

The survival of your business depends on your technology, so it’s critical that you choose the right partner. According to IDC,2 HPE “possesses the capabilities to help its customers on their successful journey toward digital transformation by providing the right combination of people, process, and technologies.” How? By focusing on four strategic areas of transformation:

Transform to a Hybrid Infrastructure: Is your infrastructure holding you back? The pace at which you can deliver new apps and services is critical to gaining a competitive advantage. HPE can help you define, power, and optimize the right mix of hybrid infrastructure you need to accelerate the delivery of apps and services, and create competitive differentiation.

“By partnering with HPE, we were able to quickly design, develop, and integrate a new product based on full automation, virtualized production, and fast time to service.” -- John de Keijzer, Head of Development, Swisscom

Enable Workplace Productivity: Technology offers innovation to redefine the workplace and contribute to the idea economy. HPE can help you rethink the workplace to empower your employees, create a differentiated experience, and reduce costs.

“The HPE and Aruba solution has provided us with the user experience we’ve been looking for. The network is easy to manage and support, with full visibility into who is using it and what they’re doing. And costs have been reduced across the board. It’s enabled us to create the competitive differentiation that we were looking for as a leader in Peru’s education sector.” -- Omar Lira, IT Manager, CERTUS

Make the smart choice: Choose the partner with the proven track record

New and shiny attracts attention, but in the end, our lives—and businesses—rely on what works, what works best, and what works today. As Frost & Sullivan states,1 “The relentless pace of market change is not expected to abate. By turning to a market leader like HPE, as they evolve their data centers, businesses can feel confident that their data center infrastructure positions them well.”

To find out more about how HPE can help you accelerate your journey to becoming a digital enterprise, talk to your HPE Account Rep or HPE Channel Partner today. Learn more at


1Straight Talk About IT Infrastructure: What You Need to Know to Maximise Business Value and Prepare Your Data Center for the Future, Frost & Sullivan, January 2016

2HPE Is Ready Now, IDC, June 2016

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