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Join the HPE Synergy movement today!


HPE Synergy, the first platform architected for composability, is creating social buzz! People from all over the world are joining the #HPESynergy Flag conversation with a simple, fun, and creative photos. So join the movement today and show us your city!

Here’s how: The HPE Synergy team has launched a new social media movement intended to raise product awareness on Twitter. Simply take a creative picture with an HPE Synergy flag, post it on Twitter using the #HPESynergy hashtag, and you’ve joined the conversation.

It’s that simple! The only catch is that you have to hurry and ask your local sales representative for a flag before they run out!

Then get creative and share a picture. To help you get started, here are some creative ideas of where and how to take your picture:

  • In different locations – at the top of a building, underwater, on a mountain top, by a river, in the city, near a famous landmark
  • With people – friends, family, children, or famous people
  • With animals -- in your home, at a zoo or in the wild!
  • Using it in different ways – table cloth, blanket, hat, Superman cape

Below are some HPE employees showing off their HPE Synergy flags.

 John no title.jpgjohn c no title.jpg






kailah no title.jpg

 bharath no title.pngrobert no title.png





Ric Lewis.jpg

 Paul Miller.jpg




To get you excited and encouraged, here’s a short YouTube video of Roberto Catti from the HPE’s Poland team showing off his HPE Synergy pride.


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