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Just announced! HPE OneView 4.0: Your software-defined infrastructure automation engine



medium (1).jpgAs the life of the consumer becomes simpler and more streamlined, the day-to-day running of businesses that support 21st century lifestyles becomes more complicated. Why? Because IT is getting more complex. Businesses are asking their IT organizations what they can do, how fast they can do it, and what is the least amount of resources required to get it done. It’s a lot to keep up with, and manual lifecycle operations and non-integrated legacy tools don’t move fast enough.

HPE focuses on simplifying IT to make it a center for innovation that drives the business, offering high performance infrastructure, but more importantly, high performance management software that transforms compute, storage, and networking into software-defined elements of a smoothly running data center.

With HPE OneView, you can take managing your infrastructure up a notch, providing IT admins with the capabilities they need to better serve the business. HPE OneView streamlines lifecycle operations across compute, storage, and fabric resources through a single interface designed for the way IT thinks and works. Productivity increases via a unified API that connects infrastructure with applications and gives customers a software-defined data center that can become a center for value creation.

HPE OneView has already sold over 800,000 licenses across the globe. Customers like DreamWorks Animation, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, Porsche Informatik, and many more are using HPE OneView to transform their infrastructure. With the latest release of HPE OneView, customers will benefit from enhanced security and a wider range of functionality across more platforms. Highlights include:

- Scope-based access control provides a very granular level of control, allowing administrators to limit resources that users are authorized to modify based on their specific group or role.

- Two-factor authentication provides a second level of identification control, protecting user and configuration data from unauthorized access or manipulation.

- Non-disruptive firmware updates enable the network to remain up and running with no measurable disruption to application performance, even while firmware and software drivers are being updated.

- New API integrations with cloud management platforms Morpheus Data, CANCOM and InContinuum enable hybrid cloud management using HPE OneView to automate physical infrastructure monitoring and management.

With a robust partner ecosystem of developer tools, integrations, and more, HPE OneView 4.0 provides a centralized foundation for your software-defined datacenter, allowing you to spend more time creating and less time maintaining.

To learn more about HPE OneView 4.0, check out this fact sheet or read this article from Ric Lewis. If you’re fortunate enough to attend, come see us in Madrid for Discover 2017, November 28-30.


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