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Just announced: composability extended to HPE CloudSystem 10 and HPE Hyper Converged solutions



Abigstock-Breaking-News-Media-Announceme-128166563.jpgt HPE Discover London today, HPE announced an expanded composable portfolio that includes offerings on the HPE Helion cloud platform and the HPE Hyper Converged 380. Both of these HPE offerings enable IT operators to deliver software-defined infrastructure as quickly as customers’ businesses demand.

According to Ric Lewis, HPE senior vice president and general manager, Software-Defined Datacenter and Cloud, customers need an infrastructure platform that can rapidly change. He explains that HPE delivered on that need with the industry's first composable infrastructure platform, HPE Synergy. “Now we're extending composable infrastructure to our cloud and hyperconverged offerings, making hybrid IT much easier for customers.”

By allowing IT to treat infrastructure as code, HPE Synergy enables developers to accelerate application delivery. Announced in December 2015, HPE Synergy has nearly 100 early access customers that have successfully implemented it across a variety of industries, and HPE Synergy is now broadly available to order in all regions.

HPE Synergy with CloudSystem 10: The industry's first private cloud built on composable infrastructure

The expansion of HPE Synergy to HPE Helion CloudSystem 10 delivers full composability to HPE OpenStack® technology-based hybrid cloud platform. Organizations can now operate a single IT environment on premises that supports both traditional applications and cloud-native applications. The integration of HPE Synergy with HPE Helion CloudSystem 10 means that IT operators now have the ability to run bare metal, virtualized, containerized and cloud-native applications on a single infrastructure--and dynamically compose and recompose resources in minutes. These new capabilities also make it easier for enterprises to migrate from traditional to hybrid IT and deliver unmatched agility and efficiency to datacenters.

HPE Synergy and HPE Helion CloudSystem 10 both incorporate HPE OneView Composer, HPE’s infrastructure automation management software. HPE OneView Composer provides the ability to discover, manage and designate infrastructure resources using a single, unified interface. This enables more efficient infrastructure utilization by empowering IT to target the right infrastructure for the right workloads, accelerating development cycles while maintaining control and compliance.

HPE Hyper Converged with Composability

The new HPE Hyper Converged software update introduces new composable management capabilities to the HPE Hyper Converged 380 powered by Intel®, the all-in-one, software-defined virtualization solution. Specifically, the update introduces new multi-tenant workspaces that let IT operators quickly and easily compose and recompose virtualized environments instantly from a single resource pool.

Unique workspaces can also be composed for individuals, projects and workgroups--that means resources are always available for immediate user productivity. For example, a work space can be composed by role, team, workload or service level agreements.

Designed for the way you work, HPE Hyper Converged OE 2.0 gives your IT generalist the ability to flexibly manage everything within a workspace--or you can assign roles to numerous users based on specific job-related tasks. This role-based feature combined with self-service access gives your lines of business the flexibility to access the resources they need instantly. Plus, role-based security lets you secure workspace boundaries with multi-client tenancy and limited workspace access.

The update also includes analytics; HPE combined the best analytics software into a single, powerful monitoring experience. IT managers now have the insights to ensure that required resources are available when needed. They can also predict future needs, so IT can add capacity before developers even know they need it.

Lewis also explained that with HPE Synergy, “… we delivered a new class of infrastructure providing the speed, efficiency and flexibility of the public cloud but on-premises, so IT can focus on being an internal service provider instead of maintaining infrastructure. Now we're extending composable infrastructure to our cloud and hyper-converged offerings, making hybrid IT simple for customers.”

Looks like HPE is fulfilling their vision of revolutionizing the datacenter with composable infrastructure. Throughout HPE Discover London 2016, they are celebrating this achievement and the spirit of customer fearlessness with the #HPEiCAN campaign. For all the details on the composability expansions, read the full press release. And stay tuned for more announcements and recaps out of HPE Discover London 2016.


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