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Latest whitepaper walks you through Exchange 2016 and Hyper Converged for Remote and Branch Offices


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By Norma McKinney, HPE Product Manager, Unified Communications & Collaborations

Our engineering team has researched a configuration of the HPE Hyper Converged 380 powered by Intel® with Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 to support 500 - 1,000 users—all while providing enterprise-class high availability features. It is designed with Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) scenarios in mind, especially those of large organizations with specific needs such as maintaining user access to data, simplicity in management and deployment in the presence of limited IT resources. We focused on ROBO customers to ensure we could address some of their ongoing deployment challenges, including the following:

  • The need access to data. Often remote locations and low-bandwidth network connections limit the ability to access data with acceptable performance, especially in times of the highest demand
  • bigstock-White-paper-words-on-a-black-c-79100206.jpgLimited IT resources with minimal or no IT staff in branch offices. IT infrastructure in branch offices may need to be deployed and managed centrally from the main organizational data center
  • Business continuity: Users need access to data at all times. Downtime in a branch office can have major impact on productivity if access to the data is not available.
  • Security: Remote Offices/Branch Offices may create risk of security exposure to the data unless the same data security guidelines and policies are followed as at the main site
  • Resource Consolidation: By virtualizing, you can deploy fewer host servers to handle all the tasks previously supported by physical servers

To give you “one stop shopping”, you can find whitepapers for your collaboration workload at HPE Reference Architecture library ( Also visit our new HPE Reference Architecture  web page to get the latest from the experts on workloads, technical white papers, blogs and other resources. The HPE Sizer for Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 takes into account many factors such as email client usage profiles and mailbox size, including personal archives. The HPE Sizer generates bills of material for various Exchange configurations, allowing the end-user to customize their Exchange deployment.  What is really cool is that you can take the information from the whitepaper, map it to your organization, insert it into the Exchange Sizer, and you will have a bill of materials for you to review with your team. 

Will you be in Atlanta at the Microsoft Ignite customer event?  If so, stop by the HPE booth.  You will have the chance to talk with one of our Exchange Lead Engineers about this whitepaper, and any other Exchange topics.  In fact, we will have a session in the HPE Booth on Tuesday afternoon, September 27th starting at 4:00 PM, titled Hyper Converged and Exchange.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions, and get your HPE playbook ready to win with Exchange 2016 and HPE Hyper Converged.  #HPEIgnite


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