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Learn how to bridge the gap between traditional and the new style of IT



Today’s IT departments need to maintain traditional bigstock--153781904.jpgoperating environments while also being able to rapidly deploy new applications and services for mobile, social, and cloud technologies. But the trouble is that many aren’t sure how to do that, or even where to start.

To help customers on their journey toward a more agile, simple and innovative datacenter that supports both the old and new style of IT, HPE hosted a webinar titled, Hybrid IT: Bridging the gap with composable infrastructure. In it, Paul Miller, VP of Marketing at HPE, shared insights about HPE Synergy and composable infrastructure, and how Hybrid IT can help:

  • Accelerate application deployment
  • Lower IT operating costs
  • Decrease datacenter inefficiency
  • Eliminate IT complexity

Miller also offered concrete examples of how companies are incorporating hybrid IT and composable infrastructure today to accelerate their business. To find out more about how they are doing this, check out: HPE customers’ fearless innovation highlighted at spotlight Discover session)

Watch the full webinar replay, here.

And for more details on composable infrastructure and HPE Synergy, check out these resources:
Full steam ahead with Composable Infrastructure to Accelerate IT
HPE Synergy For Dummies


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