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Making money: HPE and Microsoft Azure Stack bring it for service providers



mcmillan_cropped.jpgBy guest blogger, John McMillan, SP Revenue Creation Strategy, HPE

Hybrid cloud services is a 100B USD opportunity and HPE and Microsoft have built an exciting and unique Azure Stack proposition to help you monetize it.

HPE is a preferred partner in providing infrastructure and services for Microsoft's hybrid cloud offerings and one of the hardware vendors that can resell Azure services to partners. And, as you’re about to see, we’re making a major long-term investment in this great new platform.

But the big question we want to answer today is: As a service provider, how will your business make more money with HPE and Azure Stack? Here’s where things get exciting.

Azure Stack enables hybrid cloud services

What’s Microsoft Azure Stack? It’s a new hybrid cloud platform that lets you deliver Azure services from your own data center. You can extend your hosted private cloud services to hybrid cloud by delivering Azure services from your data center.

Hybrid IT services makes sense for most businesses: IDC say 56% already take a multi-cloud approach. From an end customer perspective, it prevents vendor lock-in, and lets them choose the best platform on a per-app basis.

You can differentiate your services with private and public clouds. Suppose your customer prefers processing finance data in their private cloud, but want to store HR data and host web apps on Azure. With Azure Stack, you can do it with one platform.

AzureStack.pngHybrid IT just got a lot easier, and a lot more powerful – and services providers deliver the experience!

HPE whole offer approach for Azure Stack

HPE has taken a holistic approach to make your success with Azure Stack easy and our offer is comprised of the following:

Revenue generation solution. The hardware is easy. We’ve collaborated with Microsoft to develop optimized, pre-tested solution built on the world’s most popular server, the HPE ProLiant DL380.

Flexible business models. Pay-as-you-grow flexible hardware capacity controls your costs without limiting your solution. So you get scalable infrastructure capacity that never runs out, HPE and multi-vendor support – but you only pay for what you use.

Lifecycle services. At HPE – we know how to run clouds at scale. We are training 4,000 experts on Azure Stack to help build and support your hybrid cloud business. HPE Azure Stack Solution includes support services that deliver the usual HPE excellence, now updated for Azure Stack. We’re also removing obstacles to your success with consulting services that support the whole lifecycle of your cloud offerings.

Collaborative selling. Firstly, HPE sales team are incentivized and rewarded for selling Azure Stack services delivered by our Partner Ready for Service Provider partners Co-marketing support, HPE events, market development funds and Cloud 28+ can also help you generate demand for your services.

HPE is a CSP2 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. If you’re an HPE Partner, this means you can resell Azure services through us.

Get started today!

  1. Join our Microsoft Azure Stack Early Adoption Initiative (EAI) and select HPE as your OEM vendor
  2. Visit HPE Azure Stack Innovation Centers. Meet experts and show proof-of-concept demonstrations at our 2 new Azure Stack Innovation Centers in Redmond, Washington and Geneva, Switzerland. Plan your visit now at
  3. Secure internal executive sponsorship & local Microsoft field sponsor for Azure Stack
  4. Schedule a workshop to develop an Azure hybrid cloud strategic plan
  5. Download Microsoft Azure Stack technical preview and install on HPE DL380 server
  6. Deploy Microsoft Azure Pack using the HPE ProLiant DL380 for Microsoft CPS - Standard

No other vendor puts this many resources at your disposal!

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