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Manage your physical, virtual, or containerized infrastructure with one click



bigstock-One-Click-Management-1983137.jpgIf you are searching for more efficiency in managing your infrastructure, then you’re not alone. Business and IT teams today want to spend less time managing hardware and more time defining and delivering IT services. HPE OneView is the infrastructure automation engine to simplify operations, increasing the speed of IT delivery for new applications and services.

By providing an efficient and unified view of the health of your servers, storage, and network across multiple physical and virtual infrastructures, HPE OneView simplifies lifecycle management across the entire infrastructure. Using a single interface, users can rapidly design, provision, monitor and update IT resources.

The recently announced Global Dashboard feature allows users to more effectively manage infrastructure. Users can now view their infrastructure across data centers in multiple locations around the globe. This allows users to monitor physical, virtual, or containerized HPE infrastructure easily with one click from anywhere in the world, removing the need to navigate between appliances. In fact, the Global Dashboard simplifies lifecycle operations by monitoring up to 6,400 servers from one dashboard.

The Global Dashboard delivers a unified view of system health, alerts, and inventory. This centralized reporting makes it easy to view all assets at a glance and to help users be aware of critical alerts before they result in downtime. And, the real-time search function helps you find exactly what you are looking for instantly.

The video below highlights some of the new features of the HPE OneView Global Dashboard:


Better infrastructure visibility means more informed, faster decision-making. The HPE OneView Global Dashboard increases your infrastructure management efficiency and provides a simple, efficient and unified view of the health of severs, profiles and enclosures across multiple virtual, physical, and containerized appliances. For more information on HPE OneView, click here.   


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