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My Cloud Learning Journey: Part 9- Looking Back



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Guest Post by Timothy Clayton, Marketing Business Services

So, this is the end. Or is it the beginning? I’m not entirely sure. It may be the end of my introduction to cloud but the point of any journey is not really the destination, it is the people you meet along the way and the things you learn.

I’ve been lucky enough to speak to seven absolutely great guys over the course of the last few months and am grateful to every one of them. If you missed out on any of the blogs in the series, here is a full run down of how I was taken from a total beginner in cloud to something approaching a subject matter expert:

 Christian Verstraete talks about the beginnings of the cloud here.

Bernard Golden outlines how to get started with a cloud solution and why it works for business here.

Kevin Stoll shares how HPE sits with huge enterprises to help them implement cloud solutions here.

Chris Steffen talks evangelism and cloud security for beginners here.

Krishnan Subramanian explains open source communities in the cloud here.

Owen Rogers takes me through cloud economics here and breaks down what cloud works for what type of business here.

Sanjay Baronia takes us on a Big Data journey here.

Paul Teich pieces together the fragments of analytics for cloud here.

Tim Clayton image cloudg (003).jpgTim atop the mountain of cloud knowledgeBut this is certainly not the end of the journey. Over the coming weeks we will be putting together some exciting follow up materials for the blog series, to see where my learning has taken me and what comes next. Be sure to check in with our follow up series.

For now I would like to just say thanks again to all those who shared their knowledge with me, to Stephen and Haley for setting the series up, and to Bill Bryson whose ‘At Home’ I borrowed quite heavily from when writing my second post.

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I manage the HPE Helion social media brand accounts promoting the enterprise cloud solutions at HPE for hybrid, public, and private clouds.I have put my toes in the ocean of cloud evangelism for the enterprise IT industry. But my expertise is in Social Media and Digital Marketing.

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