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NEW! FREE TO DOWNLOAD — 2 hours to self-healing remediation and fast service fulfillment


Written by Nimish Shelat, Product Marketing Manager, HP Automation and Cloud Management


As IT environments grow in complexity, Operations teams are under increasing pressure to work more efficiently and effectively. There are two key sources of delays Inside most organizations: incident remediation and service request fulfillment. Both of these processes rely on complex, manual and repetitive workflows.


But I’ve got great news: it’s now easier than ever for you to automate them!


Today HP Software announced the availability of HP Operations Orchestration Community Edition (HP OO-CE), a free software download with two out-of-the-box use cases for automating incident remediation and accelerating service request fulfillment.


Click here to download HP Operations Community Edition for FREE


This free download is designed for self-installation and will begin delivering value in two hours.


How IT process orchestration works

In an orchestrated IT environment, automated tasks and activities are coordinated across teams, tools, and environments. IT operations teams reduce errors with predictable and repeatable processes, as well as reduce costs by freeing up IT staff from time-consuming manual, repetitive tasks.


Orchestration also helps IT Ops teams go faster—it reduces the time required to fulfill service requests, as well as reduces escalations through better incident management.


OO-CE ig PPT graphics-01.png 

 What you get with HP Operations Orchestration Community Edition

The HP OO-CE provides the complete Operations Orchestration software platform with all its features to design, deploy, run and report workflows. It also offers content packs for two key use cases: 

  • Self-healing Incident Remediation — Remediate events using OO flows that are triggered by monitoring tools. Existing users of HP Business Service Management or Service and Ops Bridge should especially take note! 
  • Fast Service Fulfillment — Automate the fulfillment of service requests through OO flows and experience desired outcomes in minutes rather than hours or days. Ideal for current HP ITSM customers considering automation of specific help desk requests

 In addition to being able to customize these two use cases, you can design your own use cases, as well as access free content packs and flows created by contributors on the Operations Orchestration users community. With HP OO-CE, you get 100 flow executions per month on an unlimited number of orchestrated nodes.


Experience the power of IT process automation and IT operations orchestration. HP OO-CE has been designed for easy adoption in both traditional data centers and hybrid cloud environments.


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