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In another interview out of HPE Discover London 2016, Bharath Vasudevan, Director of HPE Software-Defined and Cloud Group, detailed the customer benefits of the two major announcements made at the event: Bharath.JPGHPE Synergy with CloudSystem 10 and HPE Hyper Converged with Composability.

HPE Synergy with CloudSystem 10 is the industry's first private cloud built on composable infrastructure. This expansion delivers full composability to HPE OpenStack® technology-based hybrid cloud platform, allowing organizations to operate a single IT environment on premises that supports both traditional and cloud-native applications.

“With composable infrastructure and HPE Synergy, we're really excited to deliver the ideal private cloud platform,” he explains. “We've got a private cloud platform with HPE Synergy, but we've married that with CloudSystem 10 to unlock its capability and allow hybrid IT to actually take effect. We're allowing customers to place workloads on-premises or out in the public cloud via CloudSystem 10 with a multi-cloud option strategy.”

The integration of HPE Synergy with HPE Helion CloudSystem 10 means that IT operators now have the ability to run bare metal, virtualized, containerized and cloud-native applications on a single infrastructure--and dynamically compose and recompose resources in minutes. These new capabilities also make it easier for enterprises to migrate from traditional to hybrid IT and deliver unmatched agility and efficiency to datacenters.

The second announcement Vasudevan references is the HPE Hyper Converged software update, which introduces new composable management capabilities to the HPE Hyper Converged 380 powered by Intel®. The update introduces new multi-tenant workspaces that allow IT operators to quickly and easily compose and recompose virtualized environments instantly from a single resource pool. Unique workspaces can also be composed for individuals, projects and workgroups, allowing resources to always be available for immediate user productivity.

Vasudevan detailed one customer, HudsonAlpha, who has put HPE Hyper Converged 380 and HPE Synergy to work in their business. Of their experience with the hyperconverged solution, he explained, “HudsonAlpha, a genomic research company based in the US, was able to implement the solution within two hours, from out-of-the-box to running VMs on it.” He went on to explain that after a few days of using it, HudsonAlpha took advantage of the multi-tenant workspaces in the new operating environment. “Using workspaces combined with the self-service portal, their scientists could easily spin-up virtual environments without the need for IT’s involvement.”

Vasudevan concluded by explaining that the expanded composable portfolio enables IT operators to deliver software-defined infrastructure as quickly as customers’ businesses demand.

“Whether it's hyperconverged or composable with HPE Synergy, we're trying to solve the customer’s problems around being faster, more nimble and more agile,” Vasudevan explains. “With these two new announcements, we've got a portfolio of products to enable them to do just that.”

Watch the full interview below. And for more on the announcements made at HPE Discover London 2016, read: Just announced: composability extended to HPE CloudSystem 10 and HPE Hyper Converged solutions.

For more information on HPE Synergy, check out the e-book HPE Synergy for Dummies.


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