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No Limits Cloud: Announcing the new HPE Helion Cloud Suite


The following is a guest post by Tony Sumpster, SVP & GM, IT Operations Management, HPE Software

Tony1.pngThe HPE Software team is proud to announce a new multi-cloud management and cloud native application platform, HPE Helion Cloud Suite.

This new solution brings together a full range of hybrid cloud, open source and cloud native application capabilities into a single, simplified software offering. Helion Cloud Suite (HCS) is designed for organizations that want to take advantage of any cloud, any environment and any new technology. 

We heard from our customers and partners

IT teams worldwide have requested support for their progression from traditional operations, to new cloud native app/DevOps/continuous environments.  They have asked for an integrated multi-cloud management platform that addresses infrastructure, security and compliance.  And finally, they have asked for end to end visibility and oversight for diverse environments and workloads.

What are we announcing?

HPE has combined software capabilities from HPE Cloud Orchestration and HPE CloudSystem to create the HPE Helion Cloud Suite. 


Helion Cloud Suite (HCS) includes full-stack infrastructure automation to enable rapid delivery of secure IT services and applications, and provides a common simplified, self-service storefront for IT and developers. HCS provides a secure and compliant multi-cloud cloud management platform (CMP) for private, public, hybrid and managed clouds.

HCS includes a complete certified Cloud Foundry, container-based development environment, HPE Stackato, which supports DevOps processes for traditional and cloud-native applications.  And HCS includes HPE Helion OpenStack to allow you to build and deploy open source private cloud environments.    

Improve speed while reducing costs in a cloud-agile world: Classic goals but with new urgency


The design goals of HCS are to provide your IT team with a measureable improvement in speed and responsiveness while enabling further reductions in your cost of operations.

Dev teams are receiving more IT funding and visibility.  Ops teams struggle to support your development pipeline with sufficient speed and accommodate all technologies your developers wish to use.  Constant experimentation with new technologies and cloud services has become the new IT normal, since any competitive advantage for app experience or delivery costs must be considered.

Ops needs to deliver all existing and cloud services; quickly, securely, with less staff and less budget. Given the new reality of cloud complexities, just ‘keeping the lights on’ may still consume 80%-90% of IT spending.  

Cloud freedom is empowering


HCS will help accelerate timetomarket for your new applications/services via a unified orchestration pipeline for cloud, cloud-native and existing IT workloads.  In addition, HCS enables developers to rapidly develop, deploy, and scale cloud-native applications across a mix of public and private clouds and supports a wide and growing list of programming languages and technologies.  A self-service portal manages service requests while automating the fulfillment of service requests.  HCS delivers native container orchestration and management while provisioning your hybrid cloud environments and orchestrating your application releases.


HCS will help you reduce costs by driving automation across multiple operations domains – enabling collaboration and design asset leverage. You can eliminate tool silos by employing a unified toolset across cloud, non-cloud and existing infrastructure. Additional spend/time reductions are driven by improvements in compliance automation. Finally big-data driven analytics automatically collapse “billions” of alarms down to “tens” of messages and finally one root cause – dramatically reducing time to resolution.

Finally HCS provides the ability to effectively measure and report on both IT and business KPIs.  Raising the visibility of all your operations successes.

Keep all your cloud options open with the HPE Helion Cloud Suite

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Now your IT team can employ a powerful software factory and development pipeline, lowering costs and improving time to market for applications and services that will differentiate your organization. HCS gives you the ability to manage any cloud, any environment and any new technology while achieving continuous everything: design, deployment and operations.


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