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Not every cloud is a storm: Understanding open infrastructure and the benefits of HPE Cloudline



HPE-RB-0009_Cloudline_SoMe-Micrographic_3_1024x512_V1.jpgBy guest blogger, Kara Long, Senior Director of Service Provider Growth Markets within HPE Servers

You’re staring modernization in the face. Your business needs agility, interoperability, and scalability, but your budget demands prudence. The question remains: Is open infrastructure right for you? Here’s some clarity.

Cloud computing built for scalability

The promise of open infrastructure is that it offers the flexibility to meet today’s business demands. Open servers are vendor- and API-agnostic, and they help companies move away from CAPEX and toward OPEX, resulting in more optimal cost models and massive scalability as business needs change.

More generally, open architecture pivots organizations toward a new way of doing business—one based on adaptability and continual innovation.


Open infrastructure pivots organizations toward a new way of doing business—one based on adaptability and continual innovation.


With flexibility comes complexity—or at least the appearance of it. As an open server customer, you might need to develop your own scripts for deployment, understand server management automation protocols, or have experience customizing your operating system environments. HPE experts can advise you at any stage of the process to decide what solution is right for you.

From software-defined infrastructure to open infrastructure, HPE continues to offer the broadest portfolio of hybrid IT solutions to help customers maximize the return on their IT investments.   

Infographic download: Which infrastructure is right for you?

Introducing HPE Cloudline: open infrastructure for the cloud age

HPE is proud to offer HPE Cloudline to customers who want leverage open hardware to customize infrastructure, optimize performance, and control total cost of ownership. Built on open design principles, HPE Cloudline delivers reliable, cost-focused infrastructure to customers worldwide. HPE Cloudline helps customers reduce costs while improving operational agility and scalability.

With Cloudline, you get so much more than a “white box” —you also get the assurance and expertise of HPE. Choosing HPE as your open infrastructure provider brings benefits others can’t promise:

  • Engineering leadership in open infrastructure
  • Industry-leading technical support and financial services
  • Service Provider Ready solutions
  • Complete open portfolio

Learn more about HPE Cloudline online and begin your journey toward open infrastructure today:


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