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Now shipping! HPE Composable Cloud for ProLiant DL delivers rack-scale composability


IT professionals that I speak to continue to tell me that they need rack-scale type composability across their data centers. Why? Because it all comes down to their need to increase speed of delivery and gain more agility in response to their business. And they want that wrapped in an experience that delivers cloud ease, speed, and scale within their private data centers.

Composability for rack-scale environments

Earlier this year Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) introduced the industry’s first-of-its-kind integrated software stack: HPE Composable Cloud for ProLiant DL. As an open, hybrid cloud platform enabled by composability, this new solution allows IT to compose infrastructure in minutes based upon the needs of the workloads and apps that are being run.

HPE is excited to announce that HPE Composable Cloud for ProLiant DL began shipping this week in select countries*. 

As a hybrid cloud platform with compliance and security, the new solution offers enhanced capabilities such as end-to-end automation, built-in AI operations, an innovative fabric built for composable environments, and hybrid cloud management ready to scale. This enables IT and developers to rapidly stand up and scale private cloud environments built on fully programmable HPE software-defined infrastructure.

Here are a few key benefits this solution enables you to do:

Increase speed and efficiency: Software-defined intelligence and infrastructure management delivered through HPE OneView helps automate tasks, reduces risk, and enables IT collaboration.

Optimize performance and drive resource efficiencies: AI-driven operations on the world’s most secure server, HPE ProLiant DL with HPE InfoSight, predicts and prevents problems across the infrastructure.

Scale in real-time within and across racks without disruption: Software-defined networking with HPE Composable Fabric is purpose-built for workload-driven performance for agility and scale.

“Bring your own stack” to support DevOps, automation, and IT initiatives: An open hybrid cloud platform allows users to integrate their favorite toolsets from HPE’s broad composable partner ecosystem.

Gain visibility and compliance across all your clouds: HPE OneSphere (optional) integration can drive operational efficiency with hybrid cloud management.

Deliver capacity in minutes and control costs: Pay-as-you-go consumption with HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity offers predictable payments and procurement cycles.

Experience a day in the life with HPE Composable Cloud for ProLiant DL

Watch this video to experience a typical day where HPE Composable Cloud for ProLiant DL enables IT professionals to scale infrastructure in real-time without needing specialized networking skills. The video also shows how IT is able to compose clouds and workloads in minutes, as well as manage on-premises and public cloud utilization and costs in a uniform way.

For information on how you can put HPE Composable Cloud for ProLiant DL to work for your business visit


HPE Software-Defined and Cloud Group

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

*HPE Composable Cloud for ProLiant DL is shipping in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland, Germany, France and Australia.

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