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Object Storage Solutions with CTERA for HP Helion


Guest Author: Jim Crook, Senior Product Marketing Manager, CTERA Networks & Gaurav Malhotra, Principal Marketing Manager, HP Helion Ready Program


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ctera.pngObject-based storage solutions continue to gain hold in cloud and enterprise IT environments and will be a $28.3 billion market by 2018, according to IDC. What’s driving the momentum of this fast-growing technology?


There are a few reasons:

  1. Object storage is secure, offering the ability to integrate with advanced authentication and identity management systems for enhanced protection. When combined with data dispersal and keyless encryption technologies, object storage systems can be made more secure than traditional encryption techniques.
  2. Object storage is scalable, meeting the needs for unstructured data storage today and tomorrow. Unlike NAS or block storage, object storage can scale effectively from a few hundred terabytes to hundreds of petabytes.
  3. Object storage is simple. Deploy via your preferred means – through public or private cloud, commodity infrastructure, or via a turnkey appliance like HP Helion Content Depot. Additionally, the built-in resilience and durability of object storage makes data failures a thing of the past.
  4. Object storage is affordable. It’s an open platform built on industry standards that are easy to manage and drive lower total cost of ownership (TCO). With the rapid growth of unstructured data, which has seen a 50-fold growth since 2010, object storage provides enterprises a cost-effective, automated means to store and retrieve that data.

That all sounds great – a secure, simple, scalable, and cost-effective means of dealing with increasingly challenging demands around the growth of unstructured data. So why isn’t object storage ubiquitous?


The Challenge

For the last 20 to 30 years enterprise applications have been built on NAS and block storage protocols. A benefit of object storage is that there are no legacy protocols to worry about, but it does require developers or a robust third-party ecosystem to leverage its powerful storage capabilities.


Today’s enterprise user, however, just wants apps. An app platform on top of object storage, then, is the ideal solution.


This platform delivers the benefits of security, scalability, simplicity, and affordability commodity without having to worry about protocols. Fundamentally, this is where CTERA comes in, and why our integration with HP Helion Content Depot makes so much sense.


The Solution

CTERA offers a software platform that transforms object storage into enterprise file services and enterprises into IT-as-a-Service providers. It provides enterprises a complete solution to manage and protect unstructured data, and can be deployed as a fully private solution across any number of object storage solutions, including HP Helion Content Depot.


Here’s a quick snapshot of how it works:


No longer beholden to point SaaS solutions for enterprise file sync and share (EFSS), backup, and remote office storage, organizations can deliver all of these services internally by leveraging the CTERA platform. The CTERA Enterprise Data Services Platform consists of:

  • Enterprise File Sync and Share: Deployed 100% behind the firewall, CTERA offers a 100% secure and private alternative to consumer-grade cloud services. Centrally managed, the solution offers sync services for mobile users, desktops, virtual desktops, and gateways.
  • Remote office/branch office (ROBO) file and backup services: A comprehensive, scalable storage solution with integrated network attached storage, file sharing, and cloud backup for disaster recovery. It removes the complexity of having to locally manage legacy file servers, backup systems, deduplication tools, and inefficient storage silos.
  • OpenStack® server backup: De-duplicate, compress, and encrypt all server backups before they are sent to the cloud with bandwidth throttling options for a highly optimized and secure backup solution.

Let’s take a look at CTERA and HP Helion Content Depot “in action.” Below is a solution architecture to support 10,000 users on EFSS – all deployed, remember, behind your firewall.


CTERA abstracts the APIs and provides file services. HP Helion Content depot delivers object storage to manage de-duplicated file data. Add in servers for application delivery, and you’re all set.

Organizations have a lot of flexibility when working with HP and CTERA. The CTERA platform can be deployed on HP Helion OpenStack Swift (on existing hardware), as well as HP Helion Content Depot, a complete turnkey solution. Additionally, organizations can utilize HP’s hybrid cloud management software, Cloud Service Automation (CSA), to subscribe to CTERA services through an intuitive, self-service portal with a modern catalog shopping experience. For administrators, CSA’s single-pane-of-glass experience reduces management complexity and day-day operational costs across traditional IT, private, and public cloud.


Putting it all together

At its core, object storage is a scalable and efficient means of combating the challenges associated with the massive amounts of unstructured data enterprises generate every day. It is a viable and fast-growing technology that enables simple deployment of massive data stores. With CTERA and HP Helion, organizations can overcome adoption challenges and transform object storage into a wide variety of managed file services that enable organizations to sync, serve, protect and govern file-based data like never before.


We’re going to be talking a lot more about how CTERA can be deployed in conjunction with HP Helion. Join us to watch our joint webinar on “Private Enterprise File Services with CTERA for HP Helion” in which we will demonstrate how the CTERA platform delivers an entire suite of enterprise file services that can enable your object storage agenda with HP Helion. Click here to register for free


For a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of deploy CTERA on HP Helion Content Depot and HP Helion cloud services on OpenStack, click here

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