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One unified management solution for HPE Synergy and VMware



By guest blogger, Sahana Prabhakar, Product Manager, HPE OneView VMware Partner Sahana Prabhakar.pngEcosystem

In today’s world of cloud computing and virtual environments, managing physical servers, storage and networking is a critical task for IT administrators. Complexity is on the rise—with more physical system and virtual machines running in a geographically distributed environment. Tools that can simplify and automate these operations increase productivity, optimize resources and aid in troubleshooting.

HPE OneView for VMware® vCenter is part of the management software for HPE Composable Infrastructure, bringing physical server, networking and storage management into the VMware vCenter management suite. This powerful integration enables VMware administrators to monitor and manage HPE Synergy seamlessly from within the familiar vCenter management console using a single application plugin. Rather than view physical and virtual infrastructure as two distinct entities, HPE OneView for VMware vCenter delivers the capability to manage both environments as one.

The vCenter administrator would typically want to consistently view three things: the health of the HPE Synergy compute modules, the virtual switch to physical switch topology or the various HPE Synergy frames used in his/her virtualized infrastructure. All of these can be done using the HPE OneView plugin for VMware vCenter.


Not only is it easy to view all resources, administrators can also manage everything seamlessly—bringing them one step closer to a software-defined datacenter. HPE OneView for VMware vCenter contains powerful provisioning tools that are directly accessible from the vCenter console. These tools allow administrators to create and expand compute and storage resources to support virtualized environments. With five easy steps, the ESX cluster can be expanded using this plug-in--delivering the capability to grow the cluster from within vCenter. The vCenter admin selects a sample server profile from HPE OneView and a deployment plan. The rest is automated.


Datacenters are expanding at a rapid rate to meet the massive demand to digitize data and to provide quick response times. During large-scale deployments, unified management of virtual and physical infrastructure enables admins to produce reliable and consistent configurations across numerous servers and multiple sites, while also lowering overall IT resource requirements. With HPE OneView for VMware vCenter, the vCenter administrator can manage the entire IT spread (including HPE Synergy, HPE BladeSystem and HPE Proliant servers) under one vCenter user interface.

Additionally, VMware vCenter 6.0 introduced the concept of Enhanced Link Mode, which connects multiple vCenters using a platform services controller. With the enhanced linked mode, it is possible to search\view\configure\access the inventory of all the linked vCenters through any vCenter web console.

HPE OneView for VMware vCenter 8.1 adds support for Enhanced Link Mode. A single instance of HPE OneView for VMware vCenter can support multiple vCenters connected via a platform services controller. The below diagram explains how HPE OneView for VMware vCenter supports enhanced link mode.


HPE Synergy changes the paradigm of infrastructure management via a composable infrastructure approach that uses integrated software-defined intelligence to control hardware quickly, programmatically and without human intervention. IT organizations are rapidly moving toward software-defined data centers, and HPE and VMware are partnering to help joint customers streamline this transition.

Working together, HPE and VMware integrated HPE OneView with VMware vCenter Server—enabling automation of day-to-day management and provisioning tasks. Doing so helps admins intuitively respond to business demands as they occur, providing automated alerts to potential infrastructure issues—so administrators can resolve them before they impact service.

To learn more about monitoring and managing a composable or converged infrastructure with HPE OneView for VMware vCenter, click here.


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Hi Sahana Prabhakar,,

I have integrated the HPEOneview with VMware vCenter version 9.2.1 to VMware vCenter 6.7 U1 . I am unable to see the composobale diagram .This was working in version 9.1

Could you please suggest any fix ?


Thanks & Regards,