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Put Your Third Party Backups Out to Pasture


Retirement represents a sort of next chapter in the corporate world. A journey has been completed and the reward is a life full of family, friends, and (one can only hope) relaxation. For IT infrastructure components, however, retirement isn't quite so ceremonious – it's more like being put out to the proverbial pasture. I could be wrong, but I've never heard of anyone throwing a retirement party for an outdated storage array.

Unfortunately for old data center technologies, hyperconverged infrastructure has become the heir apparent to traditional IT for many organizations looking to reduce their data center footprint, improve efficiency, and up innovation. Since HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged powered by Intel® technology consolidates all of the core functions and data services of a traditional IT stack into a single product, many existing IT components are being shown the door (and without even a slice of cake, no less).

In fact, according to IDC research, 51% of HPE SimpliVity customers have retired third-party backup solutions in favor of HPE SimpliVity's built-in capabilities. TechValidate, in a recent survey, supported this point with similar statistics and also investigated the type of solutions that were displaced by HPE SimpliVity technology. TVdata.png

Per the findings, most HPE SimpliVity customers retire storage-system specific snapshot and replication (which makes sense, since the SAN is usually eliminated and replaced by hyperconverged infrastructure). After that, 45% retire backup software and 43% retire backup hardware. Clearly, it doesn't take long for customers to feel comfortable with HPE SimpliVity tech either, as the survey revealed most customers retired third-party data protection solutions within the first three months of deploying HPE SimpliVity.

Armed with the knowledge that around half of HPE SimpliVity customers retire third-party backup solutions (and do so quickly) in favor of HPE SimpliVity's data protection functionality, why haven't the rest of the customers?

For many, having a third-party backup solution along with HPE SimpliVity's capabilities creates a belt and suspenders approach – meaning the protection redundancies naturally lead to a fuller sense of security. If the suspenders snap, the belt is there to hold up the pants. Additionally, even those companies that do keep third-party solutions as part of their IT environments overwhelmingly use the HPE SimpliVity solution as their primary backup source – an astonishing 96% of those customers to be exact.

So even if a company is using HPE SimpliVity in tandem with a third-party solution, in most cases that solution is functioning merely as a backup or a plan B.TVdata2.pngThis blog is just the first of four in a series that will detail the results of a recent TechValidate survey. Make sure to stay tuned for future incarnations. To aid you in enduring the agonizing wait for the next blog, check out this helpful eBook on how hyperconvergence helps IT.


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