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Q & A -- How to accelerate innovation with the right mix, multi-cloud strategy



Jay Jamison Jennifer Rogers cloud right mix strategy.PNGBusinesses of all sizes are turning to cloud computing to accelerate innovation and optimize their resources. However, a successful cloud strategy must carefully consider security, economics and performance requirements. To remain competitive, every business must have the expertise and resources for the right technology mix of public, private and hybrid cloud to meet their needs.  Therein lies the challenge.

Jay Jamison, Vice President of Strategy for the Software-Defined and Cloud Group at HPE sat down with journalist Jennifer Rogers to discuss this challenge and how the right mix in a multi-cloud strategy can help businesses innovate in 2017 and beyond.


Why is the right mix of cloud such an important consideration for an IT business strategy?


Cloud computing is one of these once-in-a-generation waves of how computing gets done and how it impacts business. And it’s impacting each and every one of our customers, whether they're really small or really large.  

Our enterprise customers tell us, “I know that I need to get to the cloud, I need to lower my costs, and I need to move faster.” The challenge they all have in common is that they have thousands and thousands of applications in their current environment. They have to think about which ones to shut down, which to move to software-as-a-service, which ones to move to the public cloud, and which ones should be moved to the private cloud. As enterprises transform their business to the cloud, this really is the heart of the problem.

HPE believes that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it’s a mix of solutions, and we are helping businesses find the right mix to meet their needs. 


Can you describe some of the real world examples of customers you have helped benefit from finding the right mix?


Absolutely. As we talk to customers in all industries and all geographies, we see a range of challenges and solutions. Because we are able to provide a broad range of solutions, I think that is what gives HPE a real advantage.

For example, a large oil and gas company that we work with was in the process of transitioning tens of thousands of applications to a combination of public, private and hybrid cloud. They even wanted some to stay on traditional architecture, but run on a cheaper infrastructure. HPE believes in a blend of solutions. Businesses may want to keep super confidential data and applications in house in a private cloud. And for services that are not as proprietary, or are not in production, they may want to let that happen in a public cloud. 


Can you tell us more about how traditional IT and cloud can co-exist? Is that what the hybrid IT solution is all about?


Yes, and ultimately, that’s the challenge our customers are facing. When we talk to them about hybrid IT, we’re talking about helping them with a span of solutions that will get their applications in the right places--from global public cloud all the way to traditional legacy systems. We’re aiming to deliver a set of software and hardware solutions.

For example at Discover London 2016, we announced the delivery of HPE Synergy, a composable infrastructure, the first of its kind.  This server infrastructure offers innovation around the flexibility of hardware -- delivering cloud-like characteristics at the hardware level. Combined with our cloud software product, the customer has a solution that is innovative and flexible – infrastructure that can work for traditional applications and new, cloud-native applications. And the new software stack offers benefits for a whole range of applications. That’s the vision of making hybrid IT simple – and that’s a really powerful and compelling value proposition for customers.

Watch Jamison’s interview in its entirety below:

To learn more about how HPE can help you accelerate innovation as you move to the cloud, read Transform to a hybrid infrastructure with the Right Mix.  

You can also read a blog series on the right mix, written by Ken Won, Director of Cloud Solutions Marketing at HPE.


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