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Recent Register article offers a close look into HPE Synergy


code.jpgA recent article from Trevor Pott of The Register takes a close look at HPE Synergy. HPE Synergy is the industry’s first infrastructure built from the ground up for composability, consisting of fluid pools of resources made up of compute, storage and flexible fabric, all defined by intelligent software and controlled by a single, unified API.

In his article, Pott details the underlying design principals of HPE Synergy and describes them as, “basically…a hyperconverged cluster with decent management tools that supports physical systems, virtualisation and containers…and an API capable of supporting the 'infrastructure as code' concept.”

Pott addresses the ‘infrastructure as code’ concept and describes the value it brings to enterprises. “That's the heart of infrastructure as code: integration, automation and an obsessive devotion to efficiency – all with the end goal of making businesses agile enough to cope with anything,” says Pott.

“Integration is the idea that everything can be reduced to an API. Every piece of infrastructure, from your data centre's temperature and humidity sensors up to storage, networking and virtual machine provisioning, can be addressed and controlled with an API…Everything is quantifiable. Everything can be monitored. Every error can be trapped, every exception caught, and responses and reactions to every problem defined and scripted and – you guessed it – automated.”

And while his article doesn’t make the claim that Synergy and composable infrastructure are a good fit for every business, Pott does argue that infrastructure as code is the future for enterprise businesses and those looking to “automate and orchestrate complicated workflows.”

“Over the past six months I have been researching the infrastructure as code movement, and I have had the chance to interview individuals from organisations of all sizes representing hundreds of verticals in dozens of countries,” claims Pott. “The short version of this research is that…enterprises and government agencies are gearing up for the major culture change required to implement it.”

Realize the full benefit of HPE Synergy

We recognize that transitioning into a new class of infrastructure can create challenges; yet any issues can be minimized by working with a team of experts. Our HPE service consultants are available to help you at every stage of your journey to HPE Synergy. By assisting you in designing, building, implementing and automating your IT, we help you unlock and create new channels of business value today and beyond. HPE services experts can also help you evolve your culture, people, processes, and technology so you can maintain business stability and growth while transforming. And HPE can provide you with the flexibility to grow without financial strain. 

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To read the full Register article, DevOps is no excuse for cowboy devs. Right. Let's talk Composable Infrastructure, click here. And for more on HPE Synergy and Composable Infrastructure, check out these resources:
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