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Relax.  HPE OneView Remote Support makes life easier.



The latest news from HPE is that for customers using HPE OneView, the remote support option will soon be available from within HPE OneView 3.0.  Simply click a button to enable remote support, fill out some details of your datacenter address and contacts, and hit OK to get connected to HPE more easily than ever before.  There is no separate software to install, no agents or prerequisites needed.

Once remote support is enabled in HPE OneView, you can sit back, relax and know that a critical service event – one of those red banners on your screen – will automatically be taken care of by HPE.

In addition to automatic case creation, HPE OneView remote support includes data collections that enable Proactive Care reports (firmware software reports and Proactive Scan). And just as with Insight Remote Support, HPE OneView remote support is completely secure.  Only outbound communications are used with industry standard security protocols, and only system information is collected – no customer data.

Initially, remote support will be available for servers and enclosures, both for C7000 and HPE Synergy, with more product coverage coming in future releases.

What are customers saying about remote support?

The following comments are from HPE customers from a survey on the existing remote support solution (Insight Remote Support).  OneView remote support is an alternative to Insight Remote Support for OneView customers.

"The process is simple and just works!  Having Remote Support automatically triggering a case creation is fantastic!"

"The case was automatically created, the device called home and sent the work to HPE support. HPE called me immediately and resolved the case quickly.”

"I did not had to deal with it. Everything was automated."

"We don’t have to keep monitoring - HPE notifies us - plus it’s taken care of on weekends"

So, if you use HPE OneView or are thinking of using it, integrated remote support in 3.0 is going to make your life a whole lot easier! Check out this short video demo on enabling and using remote support in HPE OneView.

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Prasanta Shee

In addition to HPE one view remote support tool, one may also use alternative tools like logmein, teamviewer, R-HUB remote support servers etc. for remotely accessing computers and provide remote support from anywhere anytime. They work well.