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Shift IT into high gear with hyperconverged systems



The rise of the digital economy, with its relentless waves of technology-enabled disruptors, has put businesses under the gun to increase their operational speed. IT’s ability to survive and thrive in this new environment dbigstock-speed-630153.jpgepends largely on its ability to deliver innovative applications and services faster than the competition.

IT leaders are looking for infrastructure solutions that are quick and easy to deploy; they want to stand up gear for new projects in minutes, rather than weeks or months. Many are turning to the public cloud as a way to gain velocity.

But the cloud isn’t the right choice for every workload. Most organizations have some applications – those that process credit card information, for example – that they would prefer to keep on-premises. Outsourcing your data center infrastructure to the cloud raises questions about data control and regulatory compliance. In addition, the cloud encourages lines of business to work outside of IT, disguises and hides IT costs, and puts reliability and security in the hands of others.

The hyperconvergence alternative: simplicity and speed in one box

A compelling alternative approach is hyperconverged infrastructure, an on-premises solution that can match cloud’s speed, convenience, and economics while providing superior visibility and manageability.

Hyperconverged solutions integrate compute, storage, and virtualization resources in a single box, creating a flexible platform that’s quick and easy to deploy, manage, and maintain. These solutions are ideal for VM projects; virtualized desktop infrastructures; private clouds; and remote office or branch office deployments.

Not all hyperconvered platforms are the same. Some fail to deliver because they don’t integrate with your broader IT environment; they become just another resource silo in your already overly-complex data center. Look for a solution that will work with and enhance your existing environment from the technology, management, and support perspectives, without requiring a costly rip-and-replace.

Hop on the hyperconvergence express

HPE Hyper Converged systems are simple and efficient solutions that unleash the kind of speed and responsiveness you need. What’s more, they can be managed by a single IT generalist, freeing up your specialists to pursue innovation that will put your business in the fast lane.

Take the HPE Hyper Converged 380 powered by Intel®, for example: It connects to and coordinates with the equipment you already own, breaking down silos and simplifying operations. This platform can host existing client-server virtualized workloads and cloud-native applications. This capability allows you to layer varied workloads quickly and easily without having to do a lift-and-shift or migrate those workloads to a larger platform.

Want to dig deeper into hyperconvergence and how it can deliver the operational velocity your organization needs? Here’s an infographic that will help in your decision-making: Top 10 Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Hyperconverged Infrastructure

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