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Speed delivery of IT services with HP Composable Infrastructure


In his second Composable Infrastructure video from HP Discover Las Vegas, Paul Miller- VP of Marketing HP Converged Datacenter Infrastructure, details the technology that goes into HP Composable Infrastructure and why these elements are helping to deliver the next generation of infrastructure.


“HP Composable Infrastructure is based on 3 layers of architecture,” Miller explains. “Each of these layers help to increase IT efficiency and accelerate service delivery.”


1. Fluid pools of resources 

A single infrastructure that boots-up ready for any workload and is auto-assembling and includes automatic flexing of capacity. These pools of resources can be aggregated and disaggregated, or composed, to meet the needs of the application.


2. Software defined intelligence

Template-driven automation allows for frictionless operations, the ability to rapidly compose infrastructure in seconds and creates programs and applications that are self-discovering, self-assembling, self-securing and self-healing. And a single management interface drives simplicity and datacenter efficiency. Miller explains, “This means making software intelligence that works with the infrastructure as well as the application.”


3. Unified API

“One API for controlling all of your infrastructure -computer, storage, fabric - that works with other programming elements already in your datacenter,” says Miller. This unified API allows your infrastructure to be treated like code, and controlled with a single line of code.


HP Composable infrastructure is helping to drive efficiencies around traditional applications with a simple model. And as Miller states, “It is delivering the next generation of infrastructure, a new class of infrastructure, that is going to change the world.”


Watch the whole video here.



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