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Streamline infrastructure management efforts with a single line of code



In previous posts, I examined the new capabilities of HPE OneView, the industry's most advanced infrastructure automation engine. These capabilities include the HPE OneView Global Dashboard which provides an all-in-one view of your infrastructure no matter where it’s located, integrated remote support, and In-service Virtual Connect migration.Blog Post 10-18-16.jpg

Another innovative feature of HPE OneView is the HPE OneView Partner Ecosystem. With the HPE OneView Partner Ecosystem, customers can deploy applications and services faster due to the available partner integrations through the unified API.

This unified API allows partners to deliver customers the capability to deploy applications and services faster. Customers can choose from a growing list of ecosystem partners, such as Chef, Docker, and Ansible to suit their specific needs. This allows customers to streamline their efforts across server, storage, and network.

A single line of code makes it possible to configure, monitor, update, and repurpose infrastructure faster. And, linking ecosystem partner tools with HPE OneView’s software-defined templates ensures rapid and reliable deployments and updates. 

This short video focuses on the HPE OneView Partner Ecosystem and gives a quick overview:

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