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Taking Shadow IT Out of the Shadows



Shadow IT has always had a negative connotation within IT. It can easily lead to out of control off-premises application development and deployments hitting the business as an unexpected expense. And of course, there’s the problem of potentially unsecured data being hosted around the globe. Yet remember, shadow IT grew out of a legitimate need for developers and other employees who were trying to do a better job faster.

HPE OneSphere – the light for shadow IT

Scrolling through my Twitter feed yesterday, I found an interesting interview posted by TechNative that featured Dana Gardner, Senior Analyst at Interarbor Solutions. He was commenting on HPE’s recent announcement of HPE OneSphere, the industry’s first multi-cloud management solution. He described HPE OneSphere as taking shadow IT, something that has routinely been viewed as a negative and turning it into a positive.

Referring to how developers and IT operators both benefit from HPE OneSphere, Gardner said, “You can go out there and find the cloud services and model you like, let us know what it is, let us make sure it is within our wheelhouse of requirements for security and cost, let us keep track of what you are doing, so it takes shadow IT out of the shadows and makes it a legitimate way to do business.”

That same message came out loud and clear from a beta customer of HPE OneSphere. Leading genomic research non-profit, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, is using HPE OneSphere to manage and gain control of the escalating complexity of their hybrid IT environments.

Katreena Mullican, senior architect and cloud whisperer at HudsonAlpha commented, "What HPE OneSphere does is it puts that provisioning power in the hands of the end users, the researchers. It enables a type of shadow IT which is not the negative type of shadow IT that you might hear about -- it's actually a useful shadow IT so that developers can accomplish their research in a timely manner.“

A closer look at HPE OneSphere

How exactly does HPE OneSphere help IT operators and developers illuminate shadow IT? Let’s take a look at the solution in more detail – from the perspective of each group of users.

  • IT operations: build clouds faster

As an IT manager, what could be better than simplifying your job – while giving everyone around you exactly what they need to do their jobs faster and easier? HPE OneSphere does exactly that with its on and off-premises, multi-cloud management.

HPE OneSphere lets IT dramatically simplify operations through visibility and automation. The SaaS-based tool gives you an aggregate view of your entire hybrid IT environment—from various public clouds to traditional IT and from containers to VMs. Shadow IT activities that were previously unaccounted for are now easily and quickly tracked, letting you better understand and meet the needs of your developers.  Automation and proactive management deliver a low-ops lifecycle management experience, giving you more time to pursue new, innovative tasks that can help grow the business.

In your new command and control role, you are no longer reacting to constant needs. Instead, you can build quota-based project workspaces for individuals or groups; you can also streamline DevOps requests and the approval process. With HPE OneSphere, you can now take better control of your resources and assume a proactive role.

  • Developers: deploy apps faster

From a developer’s standpoint, HPE OneSphere gives you the power to access exactly what you need when you need it -- both in the public cloud or on premises. Using the SaaS web portal or through APIs (HPE OneSphere REST API and AWS API), you have instant access to a pool of IT resources. Role-based, self-service access and a built-in service catalog let you do everything faster and easier. Curated tools, templates, and resources are instantly available and approved.

You are free to use the developer tools and apps you need when you need them, and the stigma of shadow IT is a thing of the past.

Added bonus: business execs gain insights faster

Not only can IT operators and developers benefit from taking shadow IT out of the shadows; business executives also benefit from the increased transparency. Real-time, cross-cloud insights enable CIOs and lines of business to increase resource utilization and reduce costs, improving efficiency across the board.

For example, HPE OneSphere collects, tags and displays usage metrics for all deployed resources. It also provides month-to-date and previous month usage costs for both private and public cloud providers.

Gone are the days of negative, shadow IT. With HPE OneSphere, the industry’s first multi-cloud management SaaS solution, all of IT can move out of the shadows and into a simpler hybrid IT world.  

To learn more about HPE OneSphere, register for the upcoming webinars: HPE OneSphere: Simplify multi-cloud management to build clouds, deploy apps, and gain insights faster

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