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Taking a closer look at HPE Synergy: Ric Lewis on theCube at HPE Discover London


Ric Lewis, SVP and General Manager of HPE Converged Data Center Infrastructure, spent some time at HPE Discover London with the guys from theCube to explain the details of the new HPE Synergy.

Lewis describes HPE Synergy as the first platform that leverages fluid resource pools, software defined intelligence and a unified API to provide the foundation for organizations to continually optimize the right mix of traditional IT and private cloud resources. HPE Synergy physically brings together compute, storage and networking fabric, and through a single interface powered by HPE OneView, composes physical and virtual resources into any configuration for any application.

Lewis also explains how the new HPE Synergy composable infrastructure is different from other HPE Converged Systems. “Converged Systems took the complexity in the datacenter out and bundled the storage, compute and networking together…Hyper converged took that one step further and made it even simpler. However, both the Converged Systems and the hyper converged solutions, while they are simplifying the datacenter, they are not dynamic in nature,” says Lewis.“Composable Infrastructure is dynamic. As you add components, the HPE OneView Composer knows what to do with those components and also knows when to return them to the pool of resources. It is truly composable and flexible in nature.”

Watch the entire video interview below.

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